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This website is now made up of three blogs. Originally, I created the food travel blog ‘A Taste of Deutschland’ as a way of documenting my culinary adventures in Germany during my study abroad year. I enjoyed visiting various eateries, taking photos and writing about my experiences. It developed into a hobby of sorts. A few years after my stay in Heidelberg, I received an amazing opportunity to return to Europe – this time to Austria. Wanting to continue writing about my dining experiences, I established a second blog entitled ‘Appetite in Austria.’

Unfortunately, my teaching contract in Austria ended after two years so I had no choice but to return to the United States.  I decided to continue jotting down my food escapades while living in Southern California.

Please note that this website is designed to share my dining experiences with the general public. The photos are my own property. The comments and reviews written are from my own personal point of view. They are in no way intended to harm anyone or hurt anyone’s reputation.

– Pat
January 2018

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