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Eastern Tyrolean Schnitzel filled with Gervais Cream, Roasted Potatoes on the Side – Osttiroler Schnitzel mit Gervaiscreme und Rostkartoffeln

Schlosswirt Tratzberg. A-6 135 Stans · Tratzberg 3

The menu at Schlosswirt Tratzberg is traditional, featuring a variety of Austrian and regional Tyrolean dishes. One such entrée is the Osttiroler Schnitzel – pork schnitzel, encapsulating a generous portion of cottage cheese, served in its own juices along with roasted potatoes on the side. Continue reading

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“Monastery Pan” Sliced Pork in a Creamy Button Mushroom Sauce with Spätzle and a Garden Salad – “Klosterpfandl” – Geschnetzeltes mit Spätzle und gemischte Salat

Klostergasthof. A-6134 Fiecht · Fiecht 5

Austria is full of history, wonder, and curiosity. Practically every village and every city has a unique charm and history. You are bound to find ancient buildings, numerous castles and towers, and countless churches, each with a story to tell. These sacred places of worship, in particular, generally attract many visitors from around the world. Vomp is no exception. This tiny town boasts a Barock style church that is actually more of a monastery. A restaurant nearby is rightly called “Klostergasthof,” or “monastery guest house.” One of the dishes featured on the small menu happens to be the “Klosterpfandl.“ Continue reading

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Tyrolean Roast Pork with Bread Dumplings and a Mixed Salad – Tiroler Schweinebraten mit Semmelknödel und gemischten Salat

Gasthof Goldener Löwe. A-6130 Schwaz · Husslstraße 4

Pork schnitzel, pork sausages and frankfurters, diced bacon, and sliced ham. Clearly, pork is a common staple in German speaking countries, including Austria. ‘Schweinebraten,’ or roast pork, is a quintessential part of both German and Austrian cuisines. Continue reading

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