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Crème Brûlée: Homemade Vanilla Cream with Bourbon Vanilla and Caramelized Sugar – Crème Brûlée: Hausgemachte Vanillecreme mit Bourbonvanille und karamelisiertem Zucker

Theresienbrauerei. A-6020 Innsbruck · Maria-Theresien-Straße 51–53

Streaks of chocolate bedeck the clear plate in a wavy checkerboard design; an extremely thin disc, containing a rich custard base, sits in the center. A hard crust of caramelized sugar crowns the white dessert. Off to one side lie a few sliced strawberries, its dark red hue simply inviting and irresistible. It’s the classic French crème brûlée. Continue reading

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Brew Master Spare Ribs, in a special house marinade, served with Garlic Baguettes and Barbecue Sauce – Braumeisterripperl nach Art des Hauses mariniert, serviert mit Knoblauchbaguette und Barbecuesauce

Theresienbrauerei. A-6020 Innsbruck · Maria-Theresien-Straße 51–53

Beer and ribs – there’s nothing like the delicious combination of sticky pork ribs slathered in luscious sauce with cold, thirst-quenching beer to wash it all down. Theresienbräu happens to be one of the rare Austrian locales that dare placing spare ribs on their menu, even boasting their own special house marinade barbecue sauce. Do the spare ribs and BBQ sauce pass the grade? How do Austrian ribs and sauce perform? Continue reading

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Beer Soup with Roasted Pretzel Croutons – Biersuppe mit gerösteten Brezencroutons

Theresienbrauerei. A-6020 Innsbruck · Maria-Theresien-Straße 51–53

Located on Innsbruck’s main Maria-Theresien-Straße in the heart of the city, Theresienbräu is a local brewery and pub featuring its own unique brew. The brew house boasts being the first of its kind in Innsbruck. With 500 seats altogether, it’s the ideal place for large gatherings, parties, or a simple drink. Simple, dated wooden tables and chairs are scattered all around the place; an authentic brewing boiler also found inside. Though Theresienbräu is ideal for those interested in beer, the place also serves up authentic Austrian cuisine. One item on the menu cleverly includes the house brew – beer soup! Continue reading

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McDonald’s Schoko Donut

McDonald‘s. A-6130 Vomp · Industriestrasse 7

McDonald’s has practically dominated the fast food sector due to its convenience, popularity, and familiarity. Moreover, a majority of the products on the menu are fairly inexpensive. Mirroring the American McDonald’s dollar menu, Austria McDonald’s offers a similar Euro menu (‘Ein Mal Eins’). In addition to cheeseburgers, hamburgers, fruit salads, garden salads, 0.25 liter drinks or shakes, coffee, apple pies, and the classic McSundae with chocolate sauce, chocolate donuts with sprinkles make their way onto the value menu. How does Homer Simpson’s favorite treat fare here in Austria? Continue reading

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McDonald’s Der M Bacon

McDonald‘s. A-6130 Vomp · Industriestrasse 7

As per the description on the specially designed grey box, the M Bacon features juicy ground beef, flavorful Emmentaler cheese, fresh tomatoes, crisp Batavia lettuce, and crisp bacon. Furthermore, there is a mysterious ‘M’ sauce lurking underneath the ciabatta bun. Despite these appetizing adjectives and impressive list of ingredients, the ‘M’ is disappointingly just an ordinary burger hyped up with glamorized imagery. Continue reading

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Apple Strudel – Apfelstrudel

Inn Café Hell. A-6330 Kufstein · Unterer Stadtplatz 3

Apple strudel is as Austrian as apple pie is American – Austrians take so much pride in their Apfelstrudel that it is generally considered to be their national dish among the likes of Wiener schnitzel and Tafelspitz. Dating back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, this traditional pastry is featured in practically every dessert menu at practically every café and restaurant. Café Hell is no exception! Continue reading

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Daily Special: Pork Medallions in an Asparagus Ragout, with Potato Croquettes and Mixed Salad – Tagesgericht 2: Schweinemedaillons auf Spargelragout mit Pommes Williams und gem. Salat

Gasthof Goldener Löwe. A-6130 Schwaz · Husslstraße 4

It’s Spargelzeit! April marks the start of asparagus season, when Germans, Austrians and other Europeans alike rejoice over the new harvest and consume loads of these healthy vegetables. Here in Europe, the white variety is much more popular and preferred over the more common green spears. Restaurants take advantage of the produce and creatively find unique ways to incorporate these long stalks into dishes. Whether they are used in soups, salads, or side dishes, asparagus finds its way onto the menu. Gasthof Goldener Löwe does a fine job of prominently featuring this spring plant as part of its daily special menu. Continue reading

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Kaiserschmarren with Compote – Kaiserschmarr’n mit Kompott

Gasthof Knapp. A-6261 Strass · Zillertal

‘Emperor nonsense.’ Though it sounds absolutely absurd, it happens to be one of the best translations for this dish. Evidently, translation of Kaiserschmarren has been discussed and debated for years. The English meaning of ‘Kaiser’ is clear – ‘emperor.’ The meaning of ‘schmarren,’ however, is the dubious part. Despite these squabbles over the equivalency of a single word, though, the Kaiserschmarren dish itself is far from nonsense – it’s a delicious confection fit for an emperor. Continue reading

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Maccha Ice Cream: Ice Cream Parfait made of light, bitter Green Tea with Blueberry Sauce and garnished with Fresh Fruit – Eisparfait „Maccha“: Eisparfait von leicht bitterem, grünen Tee mit Sauce und Früchten garniert

Japanisches Restaurant KAI. A-6020 Innsbruck · Blasius-Hueber Straße 15

Maccha, also spelled Matcha, refers to finely ground green tea powder that is traditionally used for Japanese tea ceremonies. It is a type of green tea, distinct from the common, ubiquitous variety people drink every day. Nowadays, maccha has become a fairly popular flavoring for many products such as chocolates, cakes, and cookies. Maccha flavored ice cream (green tea ice cream) also appears to be a popular flavor in Japan. Restaurant KAI includes this unique ice cream concoction among their limited selection of desserts. Continue reading

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Chicken-Teriyaki Lunch Set – Hühnerfleisch-Teriyaki Menü

Japanisches Restaurant KAI. A-6020 Innsbruck · Blasius-Hueber Straße 15

With its extensive menu offerings and traditional Japanese ambiance, KAI restaurant does an excellent job recapturing the original flavors of Japanese cuisine. In order to entice locals and visitors alike, KAI offers a lunch menu featuring an assortment of bento box sets, sushi platters, and also popular Japanese specialties. Most of the lunch sets include a traditional Japanese soup – miso soup. One set happens to be a well-known dish from the country of the rising sun – chicken teriyaki with rice. Continue reading

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