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McDonald’s McCarons

McDonald‘s McCafé. A-6130 Vomp · Industriestrasse 7

Macaron or macaroon? People have long interchanged and confused these terms when referring to two entirely different sweet treats. One happens to be a light, French style confection assembled by sandwiching two small almond or merengue cookies together with jam, buttercream, or ganache. The other primarily refers to the soft, chewy cookie covered in shredded coconut. Macaron is the French spelling for macaroon, which is often used in reference to the coconut macaroon. Oh the confusion! McDonald’s circumvents the lexicon issues and devises its own term for the French sandwich-like confectionery by simply adding the ‘Mc-‘prefix to the root word – McCarons! Continue reading

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McDonald’s CBO Chicken Bacon Onion

McDonald‘s. A-6130 Vomp · Industriestrasse 7

Abbreviations and acronyms have no place on restaurant menus. Call me boring, but I dislike having to guess what I’m ordering especially when the stomach is growling. McDonald’s recently rolled out a CBO sandwich as part of its Euro 2012 ‘Fan Kost’ promotion. But what does CBO exactly stand for? Cabbage, bratwurst, olives? Corn, beef, okra? Actually it’s something a lot simpler – chicken, bacon, and onion. Continue reading

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McDonald’s Chicken Box

McDonald‘s. A-6130 Vomp · Industriestrasse 7

With the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship kicking right around the corner, McDonald’s Austria has logically rolled out a new ‘Fan Kost’ (‘fan fare’ food) lineup for those ravenous fans looking for a quick bite before or during the big match in front of the tube. Two sandwiches – a Grand Royal burger and a CBO – are featured on the menu. But the highlight of the limited time ‘Fan Kost’ promotion is the dully named Chicken Box. The Chicken Box is precisely that – a large cardboard box consisting of a nice trio of chicken finger food that is the perfect party fare for game day. Continue reading

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