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Grilled Chicken Breast Fillet with Herbed Risotto and Steamed Vegetables – Gegrilltes Hühnerbrustfilet mit Kräuterrisotto und buntem Gemüse

Gasthof Einhorn Schaller. A-6130 Schwaz · Innsbruckerstraße 31

Gasthof Einhorn Schaller prides itself on fine dining. Décor is rustic but of high-quality, the atmosphere inviting and cozy, and the service staff well-trained and attentive. When it comes to food, the chefs clearly have an eye towards presentation. As evident with the grilled chicken and risotto dish, plating is given top priority. Continue reading

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Tourism School Showcase – 24 October 2012

Salat und Vorspeisenbuffet · Gratiniertes Putensteak mit Kartoffelkroketten/ Zwiebel- Gemüsekuchen · Käsesahneschnitte Continue reading

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Zillertal Stuffed Empanadas with Fresh Buttermilk – Zillertaler Krapfen mit frischer Buttermilch

Gasthof Café Zillertal. A-6261 Strass im Zillertal · Hof 69

Autumn in the Tyrolean countryside means cooler temperatures, shorter days and the anticipation of new wines. It also means seeing cows slowly sauntering down the narrow streets on their way to the nearby fields. Oftentimes, these cattle can be seen wearing ornamental headdresses and bells around their necks to signify their approach and also celebrate their downhill trek from the Alpine mountain slopes. Cows are vital for producing dairy, which in turn results in some of the best milk, butter, and cheese in all of Austria. The Zillertal Valley in Tyrol is renowned for a special type of cheese – Graukäse – which is featured in the region’s legendary culinary specialty, Zillertaler Krapfen. Continue reading

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Austrian Cheesecake – Topfenkuchen

Alpengasthof Pirchnerast. A-6130 Schwaz · Zintberg 60

Topfen is the Austrian name for quark, a type of cheese extremely popular in German speaking countries. It possesses a slightly sour taste that isn’t too overpowering, almost similar to cottage cheese without the solid curds. In various European cuisines, its culinary uses are many. But in Germany and Austria Topfen is commonly used in baking – namely as a filling inside strudels or cheesecake (Topfenkuchen in Austria, Käsekuchen or Quarkkuchen in Germany), as served here at Alpengasthof Pirchnerast. Continue reading

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Pork Steak and Onions with Salt Potatoes and Mixed Salad – Zwiebelrostbraten mit Kartoffeln und gemischtem Salat

Gasthof Knapp. A-6261 Strass · Zillertal

Zwiebelrostbraten (steak and onions) is a classic Austrian dish that’s a slightly healthier option to the traditional Wiener schnitzel. Here at Gasthof Knapp, the Zwiebelrostbraten steak comes with a hefty portion of gravy sauce, onions piled on top, with boiled potatoes on the side and a mixed salad accompanying the meal. Continue reading

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Tourism School Showcase – 17 October 2012

Backerbsensuppe · Kassler mit Petersilienkartoffeln und Weinkraut/ Zillertaler Holzknechtkrapfen · Amarettoparfait mit Balsamicokirschen Continue reading

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Hunter’s Schnitzel with Butter Spätzle and Vegetables – Jägerschnitzel mit Butterspätzle, Gemüse

Restaurant Silberberg. A-6130 Schwaz · Alte Landstraße 1

Jägerschnitzel, or hunter’s schnitzel, is a classic variation on the traditional schnitzel. Whereas the typical schnitzel cutlet is breaded and fried, Jägerschnitzel is not. The traditional Wienerschnitzel is served as is, with a lemon wedge on top. In contrast, Jägerschnitzel comes smothered in a cream mushroom sauce. Continue reading

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Alpengasthof Loas. A-6136 Pill · Loasweg 9

The menu at Alpengasthof Loas easily fits on a single page, but it’s the Wiener schnitzel here that’s legendary – both in size and taste. Accompanied with pan-fried potatoes, a small side salad and a single lemon wedge, the enormous schnitzel teeters off the edge of the white plate. The schnitzel clearly dominates the dish – it could easily feed two. In fact, it’s so big that it would barely fit the dimensions of the plate if the side items were not present. Continue reading

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McDonald’s Schoko-Kokos-Tasche

McDonald‘s. A-6130 Vomp · Industriestrasse 7

There’s just something about chocolate that is so unique. Not only is its flavor and richness unparalleled to any other ingredient, its numerous varieties and versatility in the kitchen makes it one of a kind. Chocolate also pairs well with other food products, like nuts and fruit. Coconut and chocolate makes for one great mixture, as McDonald’s has smartly done with its latest pie concoction. Continue reading

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McDonald’s McNoodles

McDonald’s. A-6130 Vomp · Industriestrasse 7

Noodles alongside burgers, fries, and chicken nuggets? Such a bold and daring move McDonald’s has made in Austria, trying to sell this eccentric combination in a European market. Yet, the McNoodles are quite an intriguing product that actually might work. After all, noodles are one of the world’s staple foods. Continue reading

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