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Roasted Pork Hock with Sauerkraut and Pretzel Dumpling – Schweinshaxe vom Grill mit Sauerkraut und Brezenknödel

Stiftskeller Innsbruck. A-6020 Innsbruck · Stiftgasse 1

Bavaria and Austria (notably the western part) share many commonalities. In addition to the language and dialect, there are a number of gastronomic similarities – for instance, Knödel dumplings and Spätzle noodles are a traditional component of both Bavarian and Austrian cuisines. Delicacies and desserts like pretzels, Apfelstrudel and Zwetschgenkuchen are other notable examples. In terms of main dishes, Schweinshaxe is quite popular in Bavaria but also in various parts of Austria. Continue reading

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Caramel Waffle with Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce – Karamellwaffel mit einer Kugel Vanilleeis und Schokosauce

Stiftskeller Innsbruck. A-6020 Innsbruck · Stiftgasse 1

Pancakes or waffles? Such an age-old dilemma simply does not exist for the most important meal of the day here in Austria. Firstly, pancakes and waffles are not classically recognized as breakfast items – they are deemed more as a dessert. Secondly, the German word Waffeln can refer to either waffles or wafers but is generally used in reference to the latter. The term is largely associated with Neapolitan wafers (popularized by the famous Viennese Mannerschnitten sandwich biscuits) as opposed to waffles. Lastly, though waffles are popular in Belgium and Nordic countries, Austrian cuisine is big on thin crêpe-like pancakes known as Palatschinken. Simply put, waffles are not so common in Austria. If you had to make the choice, pancakes, albeit in a different form, would almost always win out. Not this week, though, as Stiftskeller in Innsbruck offers this scrumptious treat as part of their weekly special. Continue reading

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Tourism School Showcase – 20 March 2013

Salat und Vorspeisenbuffet · Gegrilltes Putensteak mit Basmatireis und Kräuterbutter / Käsespätzle mit Salat · Grießauflauf mit Sauerkirschen Continue reading

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Tyrolean Speck with Pickled Vegetables, Horseradish and White Bread – Tiroler Speck mit Essig-Gemüse, Kren und Weißbrot

Restaurant Silberberg. A-6130 Schwaz · Alte Landstraße 1

Tyrol is not only famous for its scenic mountains, tranquil lakes and lavish valleys, but also for a particularly unique type of ham called speck. This lightly smoked, cured ham is a prized treasure in these parts of the Alps – its distinct flavor and irresistibly light smoky taste is unparalleled to any other cold-cut in the world. Continue reading

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“Tiroler Gröstl” nach Art des Hauses mit Spiegelei und Krautsalat

Hotel Bergland Café. A-6213 Pertisau am Achensee · Pertisau 7a

Tiroler Gröstl is akin to the Austrian version of ‘breakfast anytime of the day’ – it has the fundamental ingredients of meat, egg and potatoes necessary for a complete, hearty breakfast and it’s served in most Austrian restaurants in the region. The typical Austrian breakfast isn’t as heavy as the American equivalent. But what’s amusing is that the elements found in the farmer friendly Tiroler Gröstl, usually eaten during lunch or dinner, is commonly part of an American breakfast. This is perfect for breakfast lovers such as myself! Continue reading

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Tourism School Showcase – 12 March 2013

Rindsuppe mit Nockerl · Bauernkotelette mit Würfelkartoffel / Gegrilltes Zanderfilet auf Blattspinat mit Couscous · Milchrahmstrudel Continue reading

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Tourism School Showcase – 05 March 2013

Salat vom Buffet · Gedünsteter Rinderbraten in Rotweinsauce mit Rahmpolenta / Kartoffelgnocchi mit Blattspinat · Duftreismousse mit Kirschen Continue reading

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