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Pear Cake – Birnenkuchen

Grafenast. A-6136 Pill · Pillbergstraße 205 Am Hochpillberg

Nestled high up in the mountains near Schwaz, 1330 meters up on the way to the Kellerjoch summit (2344 m), Grafenast is an exclusive hotel and spa paradise promoting sustainability and environmental awareness. The establishment proudly boasts serving 100% organic cuisine, utilizing fresh, regional ingredients. From the early morning breakfast buffet to the elegant three course dinner meals, everything is truly organic. This includes dessert and the Birnenkuchen pear cake that is the day’s special. Continue reading

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Alpengasthof Loas. A-6136 Pill · Loasweg 9

The menu at Alpengasthof Loas easily fits on a single page, but it’s the Wiener schnitzel here that’s legendary – both in size and taste. Accompanied with pan-fried potatoes, a small side salad and a single lemon wedge, the enormous schnitzel teeters off the edge of the white plate. The schnitzel clearly dominates the dish – it could easily feed two. In fact, it’s so big that it would barely fit the dimensions of the plate if the side items were not present. Continue reading

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