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‘Feuerwehr’ Kuchen

Gasthof Marschall. A-6135 Stans · Oberdorf 201

‘Feuerwehr Kuchen’ translates to ‘fire department cake’ – a peculiar name for a dessert. Perhaps this cake was invented by someone working for the fire brigade. Maybe it’s the red hue lining the sweet treat, conjuring up images of a fire truck. Or it could also be due to the fact that this one-of-a-kind creation is so irresistible and delectable that people need to urgently try it – just like when there’s an emergency. Whatever the reason, the Feuerwehr Kuchen is truly a unique cake. Continue reading

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Eastern Tyrolean Schnitzel filled with Gervais Cream, Roasted Potatoes on the Side – Osttiroler Schnitzel mit Gervaiscreme und Rostkartoffeln

Schlosswirt Tratzberg. A-6 135 Stans · Tratzberg 3

The menu at Schlosswirt Tratzberg is traditional, featuring a variety of Austrian and regional Tyrolean dishes. One such entrée is the Osttiroler Schnitzel – pork schnitzel, encapsulating a generous portion of cottage cheese, served in its own juices along with roasted potatoes on the side. Continue reading

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