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Chicken Curry Masala on Lemon Basmati Rice – Chicken Curry Marsala mit Zitronen-Basmatireis

Hotel Schick: Schick Life Ayurveda & Yoga Resort. A-6344 Walchsee· Johannesstraße 1

Located near the German-Austrian border, Hotel Schick offers a unique experience to guests visiting the Walchsee Lake. More precisely, this hotel offers Ayurveda treatment – a traditional Indian massage technique that helps relieve stress and promotes harmony with nature. The resort, nestled deeply in a densely forested area, is an unexpected find in a region dominated by traditional German hotels and resorts. To discover influences of East Asian culture in such a remote region is certainly suggestive of the increasing globalization in our world. This Indian influence does not end with the spa treatments in the resort – it plays a role in the hotel restaurant, where you can find a very limited number of Ayurveda-Indian culinary dishes featured in the menu. The hotel smartly employs an Indian cook to provide an authentic Indian touch. Chicken curry masala happens to be one of the items on the menu. Continue reading

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