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Ketchup, barbeque, sweet & sour, sour cream, chili dip.  Heck, there’s even a curry sauce.  With all of these sauces available, it makes sense that McDonald’s Austria recently decided to unveil another dippable product on the menu – chicken wings.  Considering the dearth of KFCs throughout the country and the nonexistence of Premium Chicken Selects chicken strips (only limited time availability), McDonald’s logically seized the opportunity by introducing these wings to pair with their sauces.  Do the wings belong on the menu?  Should they become a staple product next to their famous McNuggets?

McDonald’s chicken wings can be ordered in packs of either 5 or 8 pieces and come either as drumettes or flat wingettes.  They are packed in a yellow box, with its own unique labeling.  “Easy to Hendl“ (Hendl means ‘chicken’ in German) appears on the top of the box next to an image of the wings.  Such a fun play on words!  (‘Hendl’ sounds like ‘Handle’ if you didn’t get it by now).


The wings are fried, resulting in a slightly crisp exterior.  They are spiced rather well and have great flavor on their own.  Think Yoshinoya Chicken Wings without the sesame seeds on top.  Depending on the visit, these McDonald’s wings can be either dry or crunchy on the outside.  But on the inside the chicken is meaty.  Alone, the wings are delicious and enjoyable.  Paired with McDonald’s smoky barbeque sauce, they are even better.  To some, McDonald’s BBQ sauce can be somewhat overly sweet or even taste fake.  But it does work together well here.

The biggest drawback is the price.  3.29 euros for a 5 piece order of wings amounts to nearly 65 cents per wing.  The wings are certainly enjoyable and go well together with the barbeque sauce.  However, despite clearly being a healthier option to the processed concoction that are Chicken McNuggets, the steep price is certainly difficult to swallow and is surely a discouragement for customers.  Most likely, people would stick to the cheaper and familiar McNuggets than try these wings due to the price alone.  It’s a pity because the chicken wings are quite tasty.  Delicious down to the last bite!


McDonald’s chicken wings are only available for a short period of time (until March 27).


Overall:  7.5/10

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