Mozart Cake – Mozarttorte


Steinerwirt 1493.  A-5700 Zell am See · Dreifaltigkeitsgasse 2

Hours: 11:00 – 22:00

From traditional Austrian Kaiserschmarrn to oven fresh apple strudel, Steinerwirt boasts a wide assortment of dazzling desserts that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.  In addition to the standard fare, the dessert menu features Mozarttorte – an elegant cake that incorporates the interesting recipe of ingredients found in Austria’s renowned Mozartkugeln confection (Mozart chocolate balls).

Presentation is stunning.  The cake is served on a clean white canvas embellished with elegant streaks of mango and raspberry.  A trio of berries – blackberry, raspberry, and strawberry – is expertly placed around the cake.  Simply put, the dish is breathtakingly gorgeous.

Named after the nation’s illustrious composer, the Mozarttorte features multiple layers of decadent chocolate in a variety of forms.  It begins with a spongy layer of chocolate cake, topped by a very thin sheet of marzipan.  A thick layer of light chocolate praline (Viennese nougat) sits above the almond confection.  Another portion of chocolate cake and praline follow.  Coating the cake is a fine glaze of indulgent bittersweet dark chocolate.  An additional fragment of chocolate, adorned with festive images of flowers manifesting the arrival of spring, crowns the top.  Tiny flakes of coconut and almond decorate the cake’s edge.

Altogether, the Mozarttorte is a divine combination of chocolate and cake.  The dessert recaptures the richness and uniqueness of Mozart-Kugeln chocolates.  Marzipan gives the cake a slight almond nutty flavor and faint stickiness.  The contrast between fluffy and airy cake and smooth, rich chocolate is unparalleled.  These two layers of chocolate make up for the slight dryness of the cake.  The delectable streaks of mango and raspberry add extra sweetness.  In particular, the concentrated flavor of the mango stands out and works tremendously well with the chocolate.  The fresh fruit, specifically the strawberry, is another welcomed addition.

3.80 euros for such an exquisite dessert is certainly a winner.  Though the absence of green pistachio marzipan takes something away from the original Mozart-Kugel experience, the cake still remains a delight.  Austria still thrums with the melodies of Mozart and a trip here would certainly be incomplete without experiencing the richness and harmony that is the Mozarttorte!


Overall:  9/10

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