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Pear Cake – Birnenkuchen

Grafenast. A-6136 Pill · Pillbergstraße 205 Am Hochpillberg

Nestled high up in the mountains near Schwaz, 1330 meters up on the way to the Kellerjoch summit (2344 m), Grafenast is an exclusive hotel and spa paradise promoting sustainability and environmental awareness. The establishment proudly boasts serving 100% organic cuisine, utilizing fresh, regional ingredients. From the early morning breakfast buffet to the elegant three course dinner meals, everything is truly organic. This includes dessert and the Birnenkuchen pear cake that is the day’s special. Continue reading

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Mohr im Hemd mit Schokosauce, Vanilleeis und Schlagsahne

Hotel Café Central. A-6020 Innsbruck · Gilmstraße 5

Mohr im Hemd is an incredibly decadent Austrian chocolate cake pudding. It’s a classical Viennese coffee house treat, which makes sense because its richness clearly matches the opulence, elegance and sophistication found inside such a locale. With its traditional ambiance, what better place to try this dessert than Café Central in Innsbruck! Continue reading

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‘Feuerwehr’ Kuchen

Gasthof Marschall. A-6135 Stans · Oberdorf 201

‘Feuerwehr Kuchen’ translates to ‘fire department cake’ – a peculiar name for a dessert. Perhaps this cake was invented by someone working for the fire brigade. Maybe it’s the red hue lining the sweet treat, conjuring up images of a fire truck. Or it could also be due to the fact that this one-of-a-kind creation is so irresistible and delectable that people need to urgently try it – just like when there’s an emergency. Whatever the reason, the Feuerwehr Kuchen is truly a unique cake. Continue reading

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Austrian Cheesecake – Topfenkuchen

Alpengasthof Pirchnerast. A-6130 Schwaz · Zintberg 60

Topfen is the Austrian name for quark, a type of cheese extremely popular in German speaking countries. It possesses a slightly sour taste that isn’t too overpowering, almost similar to cottage cheese without the solid curds. In various European cuisines, its culinary uses are many. But in Germany and Austria Topfen is commonly used in baking – namely as a filling inside strudels or cheesecake (Topfenkuchen in Austria, Käsekuchen or Quarkkuchen in Germany), as served here at Alpengasthof Pirchnerast. Continue reading

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Original Sacher-Torte

Café Sacher. A-1010 Wien · Philharmonikerstraße 4

Café Sacher is more than just an ordinary coffee house – it’s essentially an institution in Vienna. Any trip to the Austrian capital city would be incomplete without a visit to this historic landmark. In fact, thousands of visitors flock to the City of Music to experience the original Sachertorte cake. Making this cake even more exclusive is the fact that it is only produced in two Austrian cities – the capital city of Vienna and the famous romantic city of Salzburg. Continue reading

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