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Zillertaler Graukäse: sauer mit Essig, Öl und Zwiebelringen – Traditional Graukäse Gray Cheese

Sennerei Zillertal Sennereiküche. A-6290 Mayrhofen · Hollenzen 116

Late spring/early summer is an interesting time to visit Tyrol. It’s the period when herds of cows can be seen from miles away, grazing the open pastures and fields. These majestic creatures are a constant reminder of the longtime farmer tradition in the region. What happens to the milk produced from these animals? Well, most likely it is sent to the nearby dairy farm, the Sennerei Zillertal. Nestled deep in the Zillertal Ziller Valley in Mayrhofen, the dairy offers tours to the public that gives a fascinating look into the process of modern milk, cheese and butter production. The first station in the tour takes a closer look at the one-of-a-kind Graukäse grey cheese. Not only can you see and smell how this local specialty is produced and stored to maturity, you can also enjoy it afterwards at the adjacent Dairy Kitchen! Continue reading

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