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Fitneßsalat Salatplatte mit Hühnerfiletstreifen – Fitness Salad Plate with Chicken Strips

Klostergasthof. A-6134 Fiecht · Fiecht 5

Austrian cuisine has a notorious reputation for being on the heavy side – Schnitzel, Spätzle, Kaiserschmarren, Tafelspitz, Schweinebraten roasted pork, etc… So it is easy for uninformed people to have this image branded in their mind and conclude that Austrian cuisine is full of fatty and filling dishes. On the contrary! In fact, there are a burgeoning number of health conscious Austrians that eat smart and healthy. Supermarkets promote a large array of organic fruits and vegetables that make eating right accessible. Restaurants also follow suit – salads are always included on the menu. One notable dish often found on Austrian menus is the so-called ‘Fitness Salad,’ a salad plate featuring a variety of greens topped with grilled chicken strips. Continue reading

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Ganzes Hendl mit Pommes und Kartoffelsalat

Hendl Paradies. A-6130 Schwaz · Münchner Straße 3

Whole chickens, skewered on a spit, slowly rotate around inside a large industrial oven; its mouthwatering, natural juices drip down in intervals onto a flat sheet pan under the constant rotisserie heat. The birds gradually develop a perfectly brown crust all around their exterior as they roast for a fixed period of time. They begin at the top of the oven and eventually work their way down to the base, where the fully cooked chickens are ready to be served! Continue reading

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Grilled Chicken Breast Fillet with Herbed Risotto and Steamed Vegetables – Gegrilltes Hühnerbrustfilet mit Kräuterrisotto und buntem Gemüse

Gasthof Einhorn Schaller. A-6130 Schwaz · Innsbruckerstraße 31

Gasthof Einhorn Schaller prides itself on fine dining. Décor is rustic but of high-quality, the atmosphere inviting and cozy, and the service staff well-trained and attentive. When it comes to food, the chefs clearly have an eye towards presentation. As evident with the grilled chicken and risotto dish, plating is given top priority. Continue reading

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McDonald’s CBO Chicken Bacon Onion

McDonald‘s. A-6130 Vomp · Industriestrasse 7

Abbreviations and acronyms have no place on restaurant menus. Call me boring, but I dislike having to guess what I’m ordering especially when the stomach is growling. McDonald’s recently rolled out a CBO sandwich as part of its Euro 2012 ‘Fan Kost’ promotion. But what does CBO exactly stand for? Cabbage, bratwurst, olives? Corn, beef, okra? Actually it’s something a lot simpler – chicken, bacon, and onion. Continue reading

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McDonald’s Chicken Box

McDonald‘s. A-6130 Vomp · Industriestrasse 7

With the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship kicking right around the corner, McDonald’s Austria has logically rolled out a new ‘Fan Kost’ (‘fan fare’ food) lineup for those ravenous fans looking for a quick bite before or during the big match in front of the tube. Two sandwiches – a Grand Royal burger and a CBO – are featured on the menu. But the highlight of the limited time ‘Fan Kost’ promotion is the dully named Chicken Box. The Chicken Box is precisely that – a large cardboard box consisting of a nice trio of chicken finger food that is the perfect party fare for game day. Continue reading

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Chicken Enchiladas in Mole Sauce – Enmolada con Mole Poblano

Mexico Arriba. A-6020 Innsbruck · Innrain 2

A trio of corn tortilla enchiladas sits next to each other, slathered in a generous amount of brown mole sauce. Resting contentedly inside each enchilada is a mixture of shredded white chicken, corn kernels, and sautéed onions. Extravagant streaks of melted sheep’s milk cheese run across the top. A handful of lettuce sit at one corner of the dish, a triad of crisp tortilla chips casually rests in the salad bed. Sesame seeds shower the top of the sauce. Enchiladas con mole poblano – how do they hold up thousands of miles away from Mexico? Continue reading

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Chicken-Teriyaki Lunch Set – Hühnerfleisch-Teriyaki Menü

Japanisches Restaurant KAI. A-6020 Innsbruck · Blasius-Hueber Straße 15

With its extensive menu offerings and traditional Japanese ambiance, KAI restaurant does an excellent job recapturing the original flavors of Japanese cuisine. In order to entice locals and visitors alike, KAI offers a lunch menu featuring an assortment of bento box sets, sushi platters, and also popular Japanese specialties. Most of the lunch sets include a traditional Japanese soup – miso soup. One set happens to be a well-known dish from the country of the rising sun – chicken teriyaki with rice. Continue reading

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Butter Chicken Choila: Marinated Chicken Breasts in a creamy Tomato-Yogurt Sauce with Almonds – Butter Chicken Choila: Marinierte Hühnerfilets in cremiger Tomaten-Joghurtsauce mit Mandeln

Himal Nepali Kitchen. A-6020 Innsbruck · Universitätsstraße 13

“With a smile in your heart, you can climb the highest mountain.” It’s the perfect mantra to live by in general, but also fitting for anyone living in the heart of the Austrian Alps. Interestingly, this profound slogan is the invention of Himal Nepali Kitchen, a Nepalese restaurant in Innsbruck. It makes sense because Nepal is home to another renowned mountain range, the Himalayas. Continue reading

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Chicken Breast in Mole Sauce with Rice – Mole Poblano con Arroz

Mexico Arriba. A-6020 Innsbruck · Innrain 2

Despite increased globalization and widespread interest in foreign cultures, Mexican cuisine hasn’t quite found a niche here in Austria. With that said, it comes as a pleasant surprise to find a Mexican establishment that finely reproduces the flavors of Mexico in the heart of Innsbruck’s old city, along the Inn River. The menu is exciting and exotic – a treat in this part of Europe. The restaurant’s signature item is chocolate mole sauce, which is featured in two dishes – enmolada con mole poblano and mole poblano con arroz. Continue reading

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Twin Bucket Chicken: Original KFC Chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken. A-1070 Wien · Mariahilferstraße 119

Despite the tremendous popularity and widespread presence of American fast food chains, notably McDonald’s and Burger King, all throughout Austria, Kentucky Fried Chicken hasn’t managed to achieve the same status. As opposed to Germany, where there are roughly eighty KFCs, there are only four KFC restaurants in all Austria – all scattered throughout Austria’s capital city of Vienna. Continue reading

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