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Mohr im Hemd mit Schokosauce, Vanilleeis und Schlagsahne

Hotel Café Central. A-6020 Innsbruck · Gilmstraße 5

Mohr im Hemd is an incredibly decadent Austrian chocolate cake pudding. It’s a classical Viennese coffee house treat, which makes sense because its richness clearly matches the opulence, elegance and sophistication found inside such a locale. With its traditional ambiance, what better place to try this dessert than Café Central in Innsbruck! Continue reading

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McDonald’s Schoko-Kokos-Tasche

McDonald‘s. A-6130 Vomp · Industriestrasse 7

There’s just something about chocolate that is so unique. Not only is its flavor and richness unparalleled to any other ingredient, its numerous varieties and versatility in the kitchen makes it one of a kind. Chocolate also pairs well with other food products, like nuts and fruit. Coconut and chocolate makes for one great mixture, as McDonald’s has smartly done with its latest pie concoction. Continue reading

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Mozart Cake – Mozarttorte

Steinerwirt 1493. A-5700 Zell am See · Dreifaltigkeitsgasse 2

From traditional Austrian Kaiserschmarrn to oven fresh apple strudel, Steinerwirt boasts a wide assortment of dazzling desserts that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. In addition to the standard fare, the dessert menu features Mozarttorte – an elegant cake that incorporates the interesting recipe of ingredients found in Austria’s renowned Mozartkugeln confection (Mozart chocolate balls). Continue reading

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Original Sacher-Torte

Café Sacher. A-1010 Wien · Philharmonikerstraße 4

Café Sacher is more than just an ordinary coffee house – it’s essentially an institution in Vienna. Any trip to the Austrian capital city would be incomplete without a visit to this historic landmark. In fact, thousands of visitors flock to the City of Music to experience the original Sachertorte cake. Making this cake even more exclusive is the fact that it is only produced in two Austrian cities – the capital city of Vienna and the famous romantic city of Salzburg. Continue reading

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