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Zillertaler Krapfen

Sennerei Zillertal Sennereiküche. A-6290 Mayrhofen · Hollenzen 116

A traditional regional snack at festivals and cultural celebrations, Zillertaler Krapfen are delicious little stuffed pastries featuring the local Tyrolean Graukäse. Continue reading

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Carnival Doughnuts – Faschingskrapfen

Der Bäcker Ruetz. A-6130 Schwaz· Franz-Josef-Straße 13

Of course, bakeries also join in on the Carnival festivities and celebrations. These baked-goods establishments are brimming with popular, homemade Faschingskrapfen in various assortments. Der Bäcker Ruetz, a long-established Tyrolean chain of bakeries, is no exception. In addition to the traditional apricot filled donut, Der Bäcker Ruetz features assorted donuts loaded with vanilla, chocolate, egg liqueur and others! Continue reading

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Carnival Doughnut – Faschingskrapfen

Hotel Café Central. A-6020 Innsbruck · Gilmstraße 5

Carnival season is upon us! This early year celebration, called Fasching here in German-speaking countries, is marked by large parades, electrifying costume balls and lots of craziness. Of course, with every celebration, there is usually some sort of culinary specialty traditionally hawked and consumed amongst the excitement; carnival is no exception. Faschingskrapfen – donuts filled with apricot jam and dusted with powdered sugar – are a specialty during this time period in February, but also commonly consumed throughout the year. Continue reading

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Schlutzkrapfen with Browned Butter and Mixed Salad – Schlutzkrapfen mit brauner Butter und gemischtem Salat

Gasthof Knapp. A-6261 Strass · Zillertal

To understand Tyrolean culture better, it’s a good idea to take a look at Schlutzkrapfen, a regional variation on Italian ravioli. This dish clearly illustrates the influence Italy has on Tyrolean history and cuisine. At first glance, the dish may not seem like much – slippery pasta pockets filled with vegetables and garnished with shredded cheese and herbs. But it is the liquids bathing the noodles that make the dish distinctive – browned butter coats each parcel, giving the meal more substance. Continue reading

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Zillertal Stuffed Empanadas with Fresh Buttermilk – Zillertaler Krapfen mit frischer Buttermilch

Gasthof Café Zillertal. A-6261 Strass im Zillertal · Hof 69

Autumn in the Tyrolean countryside means cooler temperatures, shorter days and the anticipation of new wines. It also means seeing cows slowly sauntering down the narrow streets on their way to the nearby fields. Oftentimes, these cattle can be seen wearing ornamental headdresses and bells around their necks to signify their approach and also celebrate their downhill trek from the Alpine mountain slopes. Cows are vital for producing dairy, which in turn results in some of the best milk, butter, and cheese in all of Austria. The Zillertal Valley in Tyrol is renowned for a special type of cheese – Graukäse – which is featured in the region’s legendary culinary specialty, Zillertaler Krapfen. Continue reading

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Southern Tyrolean Schlutzkrapfen with Spinach – Südtiroler Schlutzkrapfen mit Spinat gefüllt

Gasthof Hotel Post. A-6261 Strass im Zillertal · Oberdorf 6

Gasthof Post, a combined hotel and restaurant, is one of the more refined restaurants in the region. With its lovely exterior, the building is a sight to behold. Located in Strass im Zillertal, the gateway into the Ziller Valley, Gasthof Post functions as the perfect meeting point and landmark. Inside, the dining atmosphere is comfortable, warm, and rustic with a modern touch. There is a heightened level of sophistication and elegance, while retaining a level of casualness. The tables are lined with tablecloth, with folded linen napkins awaiting diners. Seating is standard wooden, with padded cushions. The food, notably the Schlutzkrapfen, matches the establishment’s high quality standards. Continue reading

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