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Roasted Pork Hock with Sauerkraut and Pretzel Dumpling – Schweinshaxe vom Grill mit Sauerkraut und Brezenknödel

Stiftskeller Innsbruck. A-6020 Innsbruck · Stiftgasse 1

Bavaria and Austria (notably the western part) share many commonalities. In addition to the language and dialect, there are a number of gastronomic similarities – for instance, Knödel dumplings and Spätzle noodles are a traditional component of both Bavarian and Austrian cuisines. Delicacies and desserts like pretzels, Apfelstrudel and Zwetschgenkuchen are other notable examples. In terms of main dishes, Schweinshaxe is quite popular in Bavaria but also in various parts of Austria. Continue reading

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“Tiroler Gröstl” nach Art des Hauses mit Spiegelei und Krautsalat

Hotel Bergland Café. A-6213 Pertisau am Achensee · Pertisau 7a

Tiroler Gröstl is akin to the Austrian version of ‘breakfast anytime of the day’ – it has the fundamental ingredients of meat, egg and potatoes necessary for a complete, hearty breakfast and it’s served in most Austrian restaurants in the region. The typical Austrian breakfast isn’t as heavy as the American equivalent. But what’s amusing is that the elements found in the farmer friendly Tiroler Gröstl, usually eaten during lunch or dinner, is commonly part of an American breakfast. This is perfect for breakfast lovers such as myself! Continue reading

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Pork Ribs with Cabbage Salad and Garlic Bread – Frische Ripperl mit Krautsalat und Knoblauchbrot

Restaurant Silberberg. A-6130 Schwaz · Alte Landstraße 1

Germans and Austrians are known for their relatively high consumption of pork. Whether it’s pork sausages, pork roast, bacon or schnitzels, people living in these German-speaking regions love their pig meat. With all of this affection for pork products, it is a wonder why pork ribs aren’t typically featured on restaurant menus. After all, gnawing down on spare ribs is not only a fun and active way of eating but ribs themselves are delicious and juicy when done right. Wonder no more, though – Restaurant Silberberg rolls out a new dish today featuring slabs of pork ribs served with enjoyable kraut salad and fragrant garlic bread. Continue reading

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Tyrolean Gröstl – Tiroler Gröstl serviert mit Spiegelei und frischem Krautsalat

Gasthof Café Zillertal. A-6261 Strass im Zillertal · Hof 69

Gröstl has become my personal favorite Tyrolean dish. Its simplicity is unparalleled; its flavor unmatched. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the dish manages to satisfy a large appetite despite its uncomplicated and terse list of ingredients. Continue reading

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Tiroler Gröstl mit Krautsalat

Gasthof Knapp. A-6261 Strass · Zillertal

Meat and potatoes. The foundation of an amazing meal. Whether it comes in the form of bacon and sausage with hash browns, a burger with fries, or a prime top sirloin steak with baked potato, it’s the classic culinary combination perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. These are simple, fundamental ingredients that provide essential carbs and proteins to jump start the day or to nourish the body back to strength. Gröstl, a savory fried potato and meat dish, is the Tyrolean rendition of meat and potatoes. Continue reading

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