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Grill Plate with French Fries and Herb Butter – Grillteller mit Pommes Frites und Kräuterbutter

Klostergasthof. A-6134 Fiecht · Fiecht 5

Grill plates seem to be the standard in practically all restaurants and inns (Gasthäuser) in Austria. Generally, it’s a simple plate consisting of various grilled meats – usually pork, beef, and a sausage – on top of a generous portion of French fries. Though it’s not exactly the healthiest option, grill plates are filling and rather popular amongst the locals. How does the grill plate at the Klostergasthof perform? Continue reading

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Shepherd’s Skewer with French Fries and a mixed Salad – Hirtenspieß mit Pommes und gemischten Salat

Gasthof Knapp. A-6261 Strass · Zillertal

Hirtenspieß, translated as ‘shepherd skewer,’ is a classic Austrian variation of grilled meats on a skewer. As pork is a common staple here in Austria, it is typically one of the meats on the skewer. Other types may include beef, veal, or poultry. Different chunks of vegetables are also threaded onto the stick. Continue reading

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Hot Pot Stir Fry of Meats (Chicken, Pork, and Beef) – Xiangling Fleisch (Huhn, Schwein, Rind)

China Restaurant Mandarin. A-6130 Schwaz · Archengasse 1

Listed among one of the house specialties, Xiangling is the very first item featured on the menu. Being the first item listed must mean the dish is special. Describing the Xiangling dish as special would, however, be quite the understatement. The Xiangling dish is beyond special – it is spectacular! Continue reading

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Schaufel Mist

Gasthof Café Zillertal. A-6261 Strass im Zillertal · Hof 69

Comically, ‘Schaufel Mist’ is roughly translated as ‘dung shovel’ in the German language – a rather unappetizing name for a Tyrolean dish. Of course, the name not only draws laughs (or disgust), but also attracts attention to this item in the menu. The description for this dish is simply ‘Geselchtes und Gebratenes,’ meaning ‘salted and smoked meat (‘Geselchtes’) and roasted’ (‘Gebratenes’). What that exactly means is a bit of a mystery, but the locals will tell you it is basically a three meat platter with roasted pork, ham, and sausage. Continue reading

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