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Roasted Pork Hock with Sauerkraut and Pretzel Dumpling – Schweinshaxe vom Grill mit Sauerkraut und Brezenknödel

Stiftskeller Innsbruck. A-6020 Innsbruck · Stiftgasse 1

Bavaria and Austria (notably the western part) share many commonalities. In addition to the language and dialect, there are a number of gastronomic similarities – for instance, Knödel dumplings and Spätzle noodles are a traditional component of both Bavarian and Austrian cuisines. Delicacies and desserts like pretzels, Apfelstrudel and Zwetschgenkuchen are other notable examples. In terms of main dishes, Schweinshaxe is quite popular in Bavaria but also in various parts of Austria. Continue reading

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“Alpine Pan” Saddle of Pork Steak in a Savory sauce with Roasted Potatoes – “Almpfandl” Schweinerückensteak in pikanter Sauce mit gebratenen Kartoffeln

Gasthof Café Zillertal. A-6261 Strass im Zillertal · Hof 69

Tyrolean culinary specialties include the unusual (Zillertaler Krapfen with Graukäse grey cheese), slightly familiar (variations of Knödel bread dumplings), and the typical (Käsespätzle, Gröstl meat and potatoes dish). Café Zillertal’s ‘Almpfandl,’ listed under their special Tyrolean delicacy section, sounds like maybe it’s something unfamiliar but it’s actually a rather standard dish in the Alps. Continue reading

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Pork Medallions in a Mushroom Cream Sauce with Spinach Spätzle – “Jagapfandl” – Schweinemedaillons in Schwammerlrahmsauce, dazu Spinatspätzle

Gasthof Pfandler. A-6261 Strass im Zillertal · Dorf 18

Pork medallions sit in a brown mushroom cream sauce next to a mound of spinach infused spätzle, all presented in traditional fashion inside an old-fashioned skillet. A nice touch of cream sits on a pair of orange slices, vibrant cranberry sauce spooned on top of the heavenly bed. The cream and cranberries topping almost makes the dish look like a dessert! At the same time, the red cranberries and green colored noodles evoke a festive, holiday theme in the dish that immediately grabs your attention. Flavor wise, the dish matches its impressive but simple presentation – the ‘Jagapfandl’ does not disappoint! Continue reading

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Daily Special: Pork Medallions in an Asparagus Ragout, with Potato Croquettes and Mixed Salad – Tagesgericht 2: Schweinemedaillons auf Spargelragout mit Pommes Williams und gem. Salat

Gasthof Goldener Löwe. A-6130 Schwaz · Husslstraße 4

It’s Spargelzeit! April marks the start of asparagus season, when Germans, Austrians and other Europeans alike rejoice over the new harvest and consume loads of these healthy vegetables. Here in Europe, the white variety is much more popular and preferred over the more common green spears. Restaurants take advantage of the produce and creatively find unique ways to incorporate these long stalks into dishes. Whether they are used in soups, salads, or side dishes, asparagus finds its way onto the menu. Gasthof Goldener Löwe does a fine job of prominently featuring this spring plant as part of its daily special menu. Continue reading

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