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Fitneßsalat Salatplatte mit Hühnerfiletstreifen – Fitness Salad Plate with Chicken Strips

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Austrian cuisine has a notorious reputation for being on the heavy side – Schnitzel, Spätzle, Kaiserschmarren, Tafelspitz, Schweinebraten roasted pork, etc… So it is easy for uninformed people to have this image branded in their mind and conclude that Austrian cuisine is full of fatty and filling dishes. On the contrary! In fact, there are a burgeoning number of health conscious Austrians that eat smart and healthy. Supermarkets promote a large array of organic fruits and vegetables that make eating right accessible. Restaurants also follow suit – salads are always included on the menu. One notable dish often found on Austrian menus is the so-called ‘Fitness Salad,’ a salad plate featuring a variety of greens topped with grilled chicken strips. Continue reading

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McDonald’s Chicken Couscous Salat

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Incessant attacks on fast food conglomerates for their greasy, fat laden products will never subside, but credit McDonald’s for at least trying to include healthier and more nutritious options on the menu. When it comes to eating healthy, salads always spring to mind. In addition to one euro side garden salads, different chicken Caesar salads, and fun shakin’ salads (pour in the dressing, cover, and shake the container!), McDonald’s Austria features a new chicken couscous salad. Continue reading

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