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Dish of the Day 2: Alpine Schnitzel Baked with Bacon, Onions and Cheese with Fries (Parsley Potatoes) and Mixed Salad – Tagesgericht 2: Almschnitzel mit Speck, Zwiebel und Käse überbacken dazu Pommes Frites (Petersilienkartoffeln) und gem. Salat

Gasthof Goldener Löwe. A-6130 Schwaz · Husslstraße 4

At first glance, the dish of the day might look like fried eggs covered in white sauce, with mushrooms and onions scattered about, and potatoes on the side. The bubbly corners sort of create this illusion. But upon closer inspection, a super thin meat fillet lies underneath the pile and playfully pokes out. Instead of a light breakfast, it’s the Alpine pork schnitzel meal of the day! The white cream layering the top happens to be melted cheese, the crispy edges are oven-baked traces of cheese, and the apparent mushrooms sliced bacon. Continue reading

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Hunter’s Schnitzel with Butter Spätzle and Vegetables – Jägerschnitzel mit Butterspätzle, Gemüse

Restaurant Silberberg. A-6130 Schwaz · Alte Landstraße 1

Jägerschnitzel, or hunter’s schnitzel, is a classic variation on the traditional schnitzel. Whereas the typical schnitzel cutlet is breaded and fried, Jägerschnitzel is not. The traditional Wienerschnitzel is served as is, with a lemon wedge on top. In contrast, Jägerschnitzel comes smothered in a cream mushroom sauce. Continue reading

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Alpengasthof Loas. A-6136 Pill · Loasweg 9

The menu at Alpengasthof Loas easily fits on a single page, but it’s the Wiener schnitzel here that’s legendary – both in size and taste. Accompanied with pan-fried potatoes, a small side salad and a single lemon wedge, the enormous schnitzel teeters off the edge of the white plate. The schnitzel clearly dominates the dish – it could easily feed two. In fact, it’s so big that it would barely fit the dimensions of the plate if the side items were not present. Continue reading

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Viennese Schnitzel, made from Pork Loin, with Parsley Potatoes and Cranberries – Wiener Schnitzel von der Schweinelende mit Petersilkartoffeln und Preiselbeeren

Gasthof Einhorn Schaller. A-6130 Schwaz · Innsbruckerstraße 31

If you are ever undecided on what to order in an Austrian (or German) restaurant, Schnitzel is always a safe dish. The complete pork loin schnitzel meal is simple, straightforward, hearty, and delicious. A thick piece of boneless pork loin has been sliced in half, breaded and fried. Garnished on top are intricately carved lemon slices, a couple parsley leaves, and a whole cherry tomato. Accompanying the meat are a handful of potato quarters and a miniature bowl of cranberry sauce. The end result is a complete, traditional Tyrolean pork schnitzel meal. Continue reading

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XXL Pork Wiener Schnitzel with Potato Salad, Corn Salad Leaves, and Cranberry Sauce – XXL Wienerschnitzel vom Schwein ca. 300g mit Kartoffel-Vogerlsalat und Preiselbeeren

Restaurant Silberberg. A-6130 Schwaz · Alte Landstraße 1

Take a peek inside ANY menu in ANY Austrian restaurant and you will certainly find one item in common – Wiener schnitzel. Without a doubt this traditional and popular dish is an integral part of Austrian and German cuisine, so much so that it would be an utter shock not to find schnitzel at an Austrian eatery. Though customarily made of veal, Wiener schnitzel is also prepared using other meats such as pork, chicken, and turkey (though, by law, a menu item offering ‘Wiener Schnitzel’ must contain veal; if it contains pork, it will say ‘Wienerschnitzel vom Schwein’ as it does here). A relatively simple dish to make, schnitzel is made by thinning a piece of meat, coating it with bread crumbs, and frying it. Continue reading

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Eastern Tyrolean Schnitzel filled with Gervais Cream, Roasted Potatoes on the Side – Osttiroler Schnitzel mit Gervaiscreme und Rostkartoffeln

Schlosswirt Tratzberg. A-6 135 Stans · Tratzberg 3

The menu at Schlosswirt Tratzberg is traditional, featuring a variety of Austrian and regional Tyrolean dishes. One such entrée is the Osttiroler Schnitzel – pork schnitzel, encapsulating a generous portion of cottage cheese, served in its own juices along with roasted potatoes on the side. Continue reading

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