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Bergisel Strudel – gefüllt mit Topfen, Nüssen und Heidelbeeren

Restaurant TIROL PANORAMA. A-6020 Innsbruck · Bergisel 1-2

One of Innsbruck’s truly unique attractions is Bergisel, a hill overlooking the city to the south. At 746 meters high, Bergisel provides visitors with a picturesque panoramic view of the Tyrolean capital below. Additionally, there is a fascinating museum that offers insight into the region’s rich past. Bergisel Stadium, with its world famous ski jump, is also located up on Bergisel. Not only does the venue act as a reminder of past Olympic Winter Games and sporting events, the hill itself is also a place steeped in history. With so much to see and do at Bergisel, visitors will surely need a break. Luckily, there are restaurants located at Bergisel Stadium and another connected to the Tirol Panorama Museum. Both locales feature a distinct type of strudel – the aptly named Bergisel strudel. Continue reading

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Austrian Cheesecake – Topfenkuchen

Alpengasthof Pirchnerast. A-6130 Schwaz · Zintberg 60

Topfen is the Austrian name for quark, a type of cheese extremely popular in German speaking countries. It possesses a slightly sour taste that isn’t too overpowering, almost similar to cottage cheese without the solid curds. In various European cuisines, its culinary uses are many. But in Germany and Austria Topfen is commonly used in baking – namely as a filling inside strudels or cheesecake (Topfenkuchen in Austria, Käsekuchen or Quarkkuchen in Germany), as served here at Alpengasthof Pirchnerast. Continue reading

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