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Bacon Wrapped Turkey Medallions on Veltliner Wine Risotto with Green Onions and Carrot Flowers – Putenmedaillion im Speckmantel auf Jungzwiebel-Veltlinerrisotto und Karottenblumen

Restaurant Silberberg. A-6130 Schwaz · Alte Landstraße 1

Four plump turkey medallions, wrapped in a thin layer of lightly crisp mouthwatering bacon, uniformly line the middle. Risotto, infused with Austrian Veltliner white wine, provides a lush base for the poultry. Cranberry sauce wildly runs parallel to the main dish while two carrot sticks stand guard on both sides of the starch. A lone orange slice sits at the bottom. Finely chopped herbs add a dazzling finish. Continue reading

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Turkey Medallions Parisian-Style with Green Pea Rice and Cranberry Sauce – Putenmedallion “Pariser Art” mit Erbsenreis und Preiselbeeren

Klostergasthof. A-6134 Fiecht · Fiecht 5

Parisian-style basically involves the same process of preparing a traditional schnitzel, but leaving the breadcrumbs out. This means that the meat is only coated with flour and egg (beaten egg) before it is fried. The end result is meat pieces that are battered and covered in a thin egg crust. These pieces are nicely crisp at the edges. Continue reading

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