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Caramel Waffle with Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce – Karamellwaffel mit einer Kugel Vanilleeis und Schokosauce

Stiftskeller Innsbruck. A-6020 Innsbruck · Stiftgasse 1

Pancakes or waffles? Such an age-old dilemma simply does not exist for the most important meal of the day here in Austria. Firstly, pancakes and waffles are not classically recognized as breakfast items – they are deemed more as a dessert. Secondly, the German word Waffeln can refer to either waffles or wafers but is generally used in reference to the latter. The term is largely associated with Neapolitan wafers (popularized by the famous Viennese Mannerschnitten sandwich biscuits) as opposed to waffles. Lastly, though waffles are popular in Belgium and Nordic countries, Austrian cuisine is big on thin crêpe-like pancakes known as Palatschinken. Simply put, waffles are not so common in Austria. If you had to make the choice, pancakes, albeit in a different form, would almost always win out. Not this week, though, as Stiftskeller in Innsbruck offers this scrumptious treat as part of their weekly special. Continue reading

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