Top 5 Countdown 2011 – 2012

As another exciting year in Austria approaches, it’s the ideal time to reflect on the culinary journey thus far!  Here are my five favorite dishes from the past year.


5.  Tyrolean Gröstl – Tiroler Gröstl

Simple, yet satisfying, this classic farmer dish not only alludes to the history, but also the mindset of the Tyrolean region.  The buttery potatoes and bite sized pieces of pork make for a filling dish.


4.  KebaptellerKebab Plate

Döner Kebab is a must for any visit to either Austria or Germany.  The meat is incredibly flavorful and juicy.  Pizzeria Sandro has some of the best kebab in the area.


3.  Classic Austrian Tafelspitz – klassischer Österreichischer Tafelspitz

Boilled beef doesn’t really sound appetizing, but the Viennese broth flavors the meat quite well.  Plus, the accompaniments form a complete and royal Austrian meal.  Steinerwirt 1493’s exceptional service adds something extra to the Tafelspitz experience.


2.  Bacon Wrapped Turkey Medallions on Veltliner Wine Risotto –
Putenmedaillion im Speckmantel auf Jungzwiebel-Veltlinerrisotto

You eat with your eyes first!  The presentation in this dish is stunning and the combination of turkey and bacon is a winner.  Factor in the perfectly cooked risotto and you have a superb dish.


1.  Basil Pine Nut Risotto with Grilled Chicken Strips –
Basilikum Pinienkernrisotto mit gegrillten Hühnerstreifen

Throughout the year, I was enamored with this dish.  The basil infuses so much flavor into the creamy risotto, while the grilled chicken strips are simply flawless.  Delicious chicken and rice at a reasonable price!

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