Fitneßsalat Salatplatte mit Hühnerfiletstreifen – Fitness Salad Plate with Chicken Strips


Klostergasthof.  A-6134 Fiecht · Fiecht 5

Austrian cuisine has a notorious reputation for being on the heavy side – Schnitzel, Spätzle, Kaiserschmarren, Tafelspitz, Schweinebraten roasted pork, etc…  So it is easy for uninformed people to have this image branded in their mind and conclude that Austrian cuisine is full of fatty and filling dishes.  On the contrary!  In fact, there are a burgeoning number of health conscious Austrians that eat smart and healthy.  Supermarkets promote a large array of organic fruits and vegetables that make eating right accessible.  Restaurants also follow suit – salads are always included on the menu.  One notable dish often found on Austrian menus is the so-called ‘Fitness Salad,’ a salad plate featuring a variety of greens topped with grilled chicken strips.

The Fitness Salad at the Klostergasthof is framed by a dark red tinted plate that fabulously highlights the salad, like a work of art.  This dish starts off with a solid foundation of lettuce piled high – a variety of greens including arugula, iceberg, radicchio and leafy red oak leaf lettuce.  A couple of tomato wedges are hidden among the leaves while a creamy yogurt dressing paints the leaves.  Unfortunately, the leafy greens still have lots of moisture so the bottom of the plate becomes flooded with a mix of water and yogurt sauce.

On top of the salad mound are bountiful strips of well-seasoned, juicy chicken filets.  These chicken strips are incredibly yummy.  Not only do they burst with taste, they also erupt with moistness.  They make the salad ten times better.

But then the salad becomes even more interesting.  Every star needs its supporting actors and there are six here.  Bordering the center are different components that perfectly accompany any salad.  These include traditional potato salad, thinly sliced pickled cucumbers, sliced boiled carrots, pickled green beans, sauerkraut green cabbage with cumin and grated parsnips.


Pumpkin seeds scatter the modern plate rim as garnish.  These crushed kernels add something special in terms of texture and taste.  It’s just an incredibly addition to the salad.

8.50 euros is reasonable for such a healthy, low fat and nutritious salad.  The plethora of options on the plate not only makes the Fitness Salad exciting, but also a flavor party.  Moreover, presentation is also on the mark – the amazing and appealing colors on the plate make you just want to dive right in.


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