Grill Plate with French Fries and Herb Butter – Grillteller mit Pommes Frites und Kräuterbutter


Klostergasthof.  A-6134 Fiecht · Fiecht 5

Grill plates seem to be the standard in practically all restaurants and inns (Gasthäuser) in Austria.  Generally, it’s a simple plate consisting of various grilled meats – usually pork, beef, and a sausage – on top of a generous portion of French fries.  Though it’s not exactly the healthiest option, grill plates are filling and rather popular amongst the locals.  How does the grill plate at the Klostergasthof perform?

Essentially, the grill plate here comprises a couple pork cutlets, two beef steaks, and a single frankfurter sausage all on a bed of crinkle cut fries.  Topping one of the pork cuts is an extrusion of herb butter that slowly melts under the intense heat of the meat.  A single red leaf lettuce and a tomato slice are both dressed in a creamy salad dressing, offering a hint of freshness to offset the heaviness presented by the grilled and fried items.  Underneath the sausage is a mound of orange mustard relish.  Finishing off the plate is a single packet of FELIX brand tomato ketchup.

Every time you order a grill plate, you are asking for a heavy meal.  The grill plate delivers artery clogging deliciousness in the form of red meat, butter, and fried potatoes.  Steak is cooked medium rare.  Unfortunately, it is more tough than tender and quite a chore to cut through.  Though the herb butter adds incredible flavor and creaminess to the beef, the meat’s chewy consistency is hard to overlook.  The two pork cutlets are decent – somewhat dry, but still edible.

The aroma of herb butter is invigorating to the senses.  It makes anything on the plate ten times better.  On the other hand, the relish is something than can be ignored.  The crinkle cut fries are crisp, although slightly stale and dry.  Some pieces are harder and crunchier than others.   Sadly, there is only a sole leaf of lettuce and tomato on the plate.  It’s more of a tease to get you to order a side salad.

12.50 euros for the grill plate is okay.  The sheer amount of food is impressive, but the mediocre flavor and maddening inconsistency is hard to overlook.  Quantity over quality here.  If grilling is an art, then the grill plate here is far from a masterpiece.  It comes out as being substandard and amateurish.


Overall:  6.5/10

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