Turkey Medallions Parisian-Style with Green Pea Rice and Cranberry Sauce – Putenmedallion “Pariser Art” mit Erbsenreis und Preiselbeeren

Klostergasthof.  A-6134 Fiecht · Fiecht 5

Parisian-style basically involves the same process of preparing a traditional schnitzel, but leaving the breadcrumbs out.  This means that the meat is only coated with flour and egg (beaten egg) before it is fried.  The end result is meat pieces that are battered and covered in a thin egg crust.  These pieces are nicely crisp at the edges.

Surprisingly, in the turkey medallion dish, the medallions are far from dry – the poultry is juicy and easy to cut through.  All in all, however, the coating simply tastes like scrambled eggs.  Combined with the turkey, it tastes like an ordinary breakfast meal.  However, the addition of the rice and peas, along with the cranberry, makes it a rather peculiar deal.

Naturally, the white rice has a plain, neutral flavor.  Adding a bit of texture and sweetness, the green peas brighten up the rice grains.  Altogether, though, the rice and peas is a questionable side item accompanying the turkey / egg combination.  Again, the combination of turkey and egg is strongly reminiscent of early morning fare.  The cranberry sauce, with its sugary flavor, just compounds the situation.  Potatoes in the form of fries or sliced potatoes would be a much better choice.  Moreover, a sauce or even lemon wedges would do wonders to the dish.

9.90 Euros is reasonable, considering the portion size.  The turkey breasts are very moist and decently seasoned.  The sides, however, could use some work.  Taken as a whole, the meal tastes fairly bland and quickly becomes boring as there isn’t much progression.  Simply put, there isn’t anything special in this dish to get excited about.  The turkey medallion dish happens to be the last item listed on the food menu.  This isn’t a coincidence – the dish is just plain dull.  Unless you’re hankering for some poultry, you’d best be off ordering another dish off of the menu (for instance, the Klosterpfandl).

Is it worth trying?  Maybe.  Would I order it again?  Probably not.


Overall:  5/10

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