Bergisel Strudel – gefüllt mit Topfen, Nüssen und Heidelbeeren


Restaurant TIROL PANORAMA.  A-6020 Innsbruck · Bergisel 1-2

One of Innsbruck’s truly unique attractions is Bergisel, a hill overlooking the city to the south.  At 746 meters high, Bergisel provides visitors with a picturesque panoramic view of the Tyrolean capital below.  Additionally, there is a fascinating museum that offers insight into the region’s rich past.  Bergisel Stadium, with its world famous ski jump, is also located up on Bergisel.  Not only does the venue act as a reminder of past Olympic Winter Games and sporting events, the hill itself is also a place steeped in history.  With so much to see and do at Bergisel, visitors will surely need a break.  Luckily, there are restaurants located at Bergisel Stadium and another connected to the Tirol Panorama Museum.  Both locales feature a distinct type of strudel – the aptly named Bergisel strudel.

Filled with curd cheese (Topfen), nuts and blueberries, the Bergisel strudel offers a different twist on traditional Austrian strudel.  This one-of-a-kind treat features a flaky crust and thin filo pastry layers holding in the filling.  Sifted powdered sugar covers the surface.  Underneath the layers of crust is a pebbly level of finely chopped hazelnuts, a fine addition.


Curd cheese is a bit springy, but you can certainly taste the small pieces of cheese.  It has a distinctive taste and light texture that gives the strudel substance and structure, binding everything together.  The combination of cheese and blueberries is quite interesting.  Blueberries not only give the dessert wonderful color with its attractive purple hue, but also a touch of sweetness.  Bites with blueberries are bright, sweet and pleasurable, but those moments are few and far between.  Nuts add a satisfying crunch and a nutty background flavor.  The dessert overall is only marginally sweet – the powdered sugar and blueberries being the primary contributors.

All in all the Bergisel strudel tastes good, but like Käsekuchen/Topfenkuchen cheese cake in German speaking countries it lacks that special something.  Curd cheese and fruit in a thin crust, nothing more.

At 3.10 euros, there is no excuse not to try this special treat.  Toppings are extra – 60 cents for whipped cream and 1 euro for vanilla sauce, a small price to pay for added richness and moisture.  The restaurant adjacent to the Tirol Panorama Museum is a self-service style eatery featuring classic Austrian eats.  It is a fabulous place to relax as well as reflect after an educational experience at the museum.   Certainly an ideal location to try out the Bergisel strudel!


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