Lasagna with Mascarpone and Wild Berry Cream – Lasagna mit Mascarpone und Waldbeer Creme


Sapori Ristorante Pizzeria.  A-6020 Innsbruck · Fallmerayerstraße 12

Tuesday – Saturday 11.30 – 14.00, 18.00 – 23.00

Lasagna is as Italian as it gets – the connection is simply ingrained into people’s minds.  It comes as no surprise that this layered pasta dish is included in practically all risorante menus, Sapori included.  But lasagna for dessert?  Who would have thought!  A unique twist on the comforting classic, the lasagna with mascarpone and wild berry cream is an ambitious creation and just one of several desserts featured on the chalkboard at Sapori Ristorante and Pizzeria.

Just like traditional lasagna, this dessert comes stacked.  Alternating layers of flaky pastry squares, mascarpone cheese that bursts out the sides and wild berry cream that oozes with tanginess and fruitiness make up the dessert.  Powdered sugar sprinkles the surface, adding a dash of sweetness.  Strawberry syrup decorates the rim of the plate and is an attractive finishing touch.


The three delicate pastry squares are layered dough pieces baked golden brown.  One bite and it crumbles apart.  These baked squares really give the dessert a solid foundation and substance.  Its fragile and crumbly consistency is such a contrast to the heavy, creamy mascarpone element and fruit creams.

The mascarpone cheese is pure heaven.  It is super smooth and very creamy.  Moreover, it has a slight sweetness that brings pure joy with each and every bite.  Dazzling with its bold display of colors, the wild berry cream tastes predominantly of raspberries and blackberries (discernible by the numerous seeds).  But a hint of sweet blueberries can also be found in the mix.  Like the wild berry cream, the apricot sauce has a touch of tartness.  But both are balanced out by the sweet, incredibly thick and rich mascarpone.  Strawberry syrup encircling the perimeter also adds zip and helps offset the sourness.

6.50 euros is not bad for this happy dessert, considering that the super generous amount of cream and fruit makes it seem like a meal on its own.  Definitely save room for this treat – you will not be disappointed.  Lasagna with mascarpone and wild berry cream is a truly unique culinary creation.


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