Mohr im Hemd mit Schokosauce, Vanilleeis und Schlagsahne


Hotel Café Central.  A-6020 Innsbruck · Gilmstraße 5

Mohr im Hemd is an incredibly decadent Austrian chocolate cake pudding.  It’s a classical Viennese coffee house treat, which makes sense because its richness clearly matches the opulence, elegance and sophistication found inside such a locale.  With its traditional ambiance, what better place to try this dessert than Café Central in Innsbruck!

Café Central’s version immediately grabs your attention with its stark display of monochrome black and white colors and its impressively beautiful arrangement.  Chocolate cake, molded in a round form, is smothered in a viscous, warm chocolate sauce; a clean scoop of vanilla ice cream and freshly whipped cream complete the harmonious trio on the plate.  Additional chocolate sauce is drizzled over the frozen treat, while a light dusting of confectioners’ sugar provides the perfect snowy finish.


The Mohr im Hemd itself – the baked indulgence buried beneath the glossy, dark chocolate coating – is denser than typical chocolate cake or muffin.   Despite this, the dessert has a rather delicate consistency and is fairly easy to slice through.  This is due to its unique cooking method; the dessert is steamed inside a double broiler water bath in an oven.  The resulting pudding possesses unbelievable richness and moistness that stands out wonderfully.  Flavor wise, the chocolate cake pudding has fine chocolate aroma while maintaining a subtle sweetness.  This works really well with the other elements, which are naturally sweeter.  Together with the thick, sweet and tepid chocolate sauce, the Mohr im Hemd is simply chocolate bliss.

In a way, there are two desserts here – the chocolate pudding served with sauce on one end and ice cream with a chocolate topping on the other (the whipped cream pairing perfectly with either one).   But when enjoyed all together, the dish is out of this world.  The vanilla ice cream acts as a cold counterpart to the warm chocolate sauce and freshly baked pudding.  Moreover, the whipped cream provides a light and airy touch, adding an extra dimension to the dish.


Café Central’s Mohr im Hemd is a polished dessert.  It is certainly the real deal – one bite and you will easily be hooked.  Though it looks devilishly sinful, it is really chocolate heaven with a cloud of whipped cream and angelic ice cream on the side.  Without a doubt, Mohr im Hemd is one of Austria’s finest desserts – quite possibly the best sweet treat in Austrian cuisine.


Overall: 10/10

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