Pizza Sapori – Tomaten, Mozzarella, Mascarpone, Lachs, Krabben, Rucola

 Ristorante Pizzeria Sapori

Sapori Ristorante Pizzeria.  A-6020 Innsbruck · Fallmerayerstraße 12

Tuesday – Saturday 11.30 – 14.00, 18.00 – 23.00

The beauty of living in Tyrol is its close proximity to Italy.  Italian gastronomy extends its grasp into the region, clearly evident through the countless ristorantes and pizzerias all throughout Innsbruck and surrounding towns.  With a wide selection of eateries, it is sometimes difficult to locate a truly fine Italian joint.  Well look no further!  Sapori Ristorante and Pizzeria in Innsbruck is a superb locale offering a good number of pastas, salads, pizzas and desserts.  It is one of the toughest reservations in the city, which is obviously a good sign!

Sapori’s namesake pizza is a real sophisticated, gourmet delight – thin-crusted pizza, baked to perfection.  The outer rim has that ideal snap upon cutting down on it, the center super thin.  Toppings on the Sapori Pizza begin with tomato sauce spread over the base, mozzarella cheese dotting the surface.  Taking it up a notch, mascarpone adds an unparalleled richness and creaminess to the pizza.  On top of that, there are thin slices of salmon distributed about as well as peeled prawns hidden underneath the melted cheese.  Finally, a healthy bunch of arugula provides a colorful and fresh finish.


The fine rocket leaves makes it seem like an exquisite salad on top of a pizza.  It is these dark green pieces that really add something to the pizza experience.  Its sharp bite really balances together with the rather mellow cheeses.  But the dish really gets its value from the salmon and shrimp combination.  Though it may be a bit odd to combine seafood and dairy, it works really well here especially with both the mascarpone and mozzarella.  The salmon’s characteristically smooth and buttery consistency teams up naturally with the creaminess found in both the mozzarella and mascarpone.

For an even finer experience, substitute buffalo mozzarella for the standard mozzarella cheese at an additional 2.50 euros.  The distinct flavor of the bufala mozzarella, molten over the pie, enhances the quality of the pizza tenfold.   Its creaminess and buttery, delicate texture is simply sublime.  Pairing it with the mascarpone creates an instant party in your mouth.  Bring together the salmon into the mix and you have an unforgettable bash.

With all of the gooey and runny cheese, the dish can get rather messy.  Though some Italians might frown upon it, there is no shame in eating the pizza with a knife and fork here.  In fact, the utensils make the dining experience much more refined and even better since the pizza itself contains such first-class ingredients.

Considering its size and the quality ingredients, the Pizza Sapori is fairly priced at 13.00 euros (again, the buffalo mozzarella is extra).  It is the most expensive pie on the menu, but worth every penny.  The Pizza Sapori is a fine creation and proudly represents this wonderful rustic Italian establishment in Innsbruck.


Overall: 9/10

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