Chicken Burritos – Burritas con Pollo


Villa Masianco.  A-6130 Schwaz · Münchner Straße 20-22

The search for good Latin American fare in German-speaking countries continues with a stop at a regional chain of restaurants offering up a mix of international fare.  A small selection of Latin American dishes are available at Villa Masianco, one of them the ‘burritas con pollo’ dish.  It’s basically a baked tortilla folded around a filling mixture of green beans, corn, bell peppers, and tomatoes along with chunks of chicken.

Though it is listed as a ‘burrito’ (or ‘burrita’), a true burrito it is not.  The fact that the tortilla merely cups around the filling, rather than encloses the entire thing, means that it is more of a taco – a colossal taco with more filling than it can handle.  This, unfortunately, makes eating the dish somewhat of a conundrum – the thing is so immense that grabbing it would more than likely result in an unsightly mess, but using a fork and knife just feels rather awkward (even though we’re in Europe!).


The colorful ingredients for the filling make for an interesting combination.  Though the sweet corn kernels, sliced red bell peppers, and tomatoes are fairly typical in Latin American cuisine, the green beans are a bit of a head scratcher.  All form a delicious mixture, though.  The chicken, slightly dry, is outshined by the appealing and flavorful burst of the veggies – the chicken itself lacks much seasoning to really bring it to the forefront.  Rather than being part of the filling, the cheese is baked right onto the flatbread’s surface.  This makes the dish rather appealing on the surface, with the bubbly, gooey white cheddar immediately catching your eye.  But the cheese is unevenly distributed, so not every bite is as pleasant as it could be.

Iceberg lettuce leaves line the plate.  These go well with the colorful filling, adding another layer crunch and freshness.  The two sauces add some moisture and creaminess.  Salsa is very mild and lacks any heat, but has a nice ‘tomatoey’ flavor.  Yogurt sauce is great with the wrap, giving a smooth and cool taste.  But what’s truly missing are some real side items – rice and (refried) beans, anyone?


9.90 euros reaches a bit too far into the wallet for such a relatively simple dish.  The tortillas and cheddar cheese are the likely culprits, as these ingredients aren’t so common in these parts of Europe.  Still, for a ‘burrito’ with yogurt sauce and salsa on the side you would expect something more reasonable.  Price aside, the burritas con pollo is a mixed bag of tasty vegetables, a dearth of meat, and disappointing sauces.  A decent dish as is, but it doesn’t accurately represent Latin American flavors as it should.  It’s more Tex-Mex than anything else.


Overall: 6.5/10

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