Döner Kebab Dürüm


Café Bistro Big & Big.  A-6130 Schwaz · Marktstraße 18a

Hours: Tuesdays – Sundays 10:00 – 24:00

Dürüm is a type of Turkish wrap, comparable to a burrito.  Similar to the Kebap Fladen, the dürüm consists of kebab meat, chopped iceberg lettuce, coarsely sliced red tomatoes, and creamy yogurt sauce all wrapped in a thin sheet of flatbread that sort of resembles a flour tortilla.  The dürüm flatbread is even thinner and pliable.  The whole wrap is baked in the oven until slightly crisp.

Overall, there is a reasonable amount of poultry kebab meat inside the wrap – more so than inside the Kebap Fladen.  The roasted kebab meat clearly dominates as each bite comprises of a number of kebab slices.  Instead of a harmonic balance of flavors, the other ingredients – the lettuce, tomatoes, and sauce – merely act as bystanders that are barely apparent.  The lettuce only offers a slight bit of crunch and the sauce simply reinforces the juiciness of the meat.  The tomatoes are virtually absent.

Considering the shortage of options for kebab in Schwaz, 4.00 euros for a foot long wrap is acceptable.  The decent portion of roasted meat, plus the exceptional amount of yogurt sauce, creates a nice snack on the go.  Additionally, the meat is uniformly spread out so that each mouthful yields meat.  Unfortunately, the wrap suffers from a lack of vegetable variety – the addition of red cabbage, for instance, would add an additional layer of crunch and flavor.  Moreover, the vegetables already stuffed inside are hardly even noticeable.  Though it is a lot better than the Kebap Fladen, the dürüm could certainly use some work.


Overall:  6/10

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