Carnival Doughnuts – Faschingskrapfen


Der Bäcker Ruetz.  A-6130 Schwaz· Franz-Josef-Straße 13

Of course, bakeries also join in on the Carnival festivities and celebrations.  These baked-goods establishments are brimming with popular, homemade Faschingskrapfen in various assortments.  Der Bäcker Ruetz, a long-established Tyrolean chain of bakeries, is no exception.  In addition to the traditional apricot filled donut, Der Bäcker Ruetz features assorted donuts loaded with vanilla, chocolate, egg liqueur and others!

Fried to perfection, the round Krapfen donuts here are fluffy, soft and thick.  They have the ideal consistency for a fried treat and aren’t overly greasy.


The traditional Faschingskrapfen, dusted with confectioners’ sugar and injected with apricot jam, is perfect for those looking for a refined treat.  These donuts are not overwhelmingly sweet; the apricot jam is pronounced and slightly tart.  The jelly sets in the center and doesn’t ooze out – it remains rather stationary.  Consequently, the donut’s natural texture and flavor can be experienced without any interference from the tangy filling.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes the Vanillenkrapfen vanilla donut so good.  Perhaps it’s the brittle sugar icing on the donut that you are first exposed to with each and every bite.  Maybe it’s the glazed, crunchy hazelnuts topping the sphere that pop in your mouth and provide that textural excitement.  Or possibly the rich vanilla pastry cream piped into the center that offers that wonderful burst of creaminess and gooeyness.

The frosting is unlike any standard donut glaze – as a topping, it easily crumbles and breaks apart; but it also immediately melts in your mouth.  It’s actually reminiscent of white chocolate in the way it tastes.    Chopped hazelnuts scattered all over the donut pair superbly with the glaze.  The sweet vanilla cream filling inside possesses fine vanilla flavor and even tastes sort of like a custard.  It has a similar consistency to cream cheese, but bursts with vanilla essence.

Both of these donuts are sinful delights that are surely worth a try.  Both are delicate and light.  Whichever one you choose, these donuts are the perfect culinary delicacies for celebrating the Carnival season!


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