Pork Ribs with Cabbage Salad and Garlic Bread – Frische Ripperl mit Krautsalat und Knoblauchbrot


Restaurant Silberberg.  A-6130 Schwaz · Alte Landstraße 1

Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 – 24:00


Germans and Austrians are known for their relatively high consumption of pork.  Whether it’s pork sausages, pork roast, bacon or schnitzels, people living in these German-speaking regions love their pig meat.  With all of this affection for pork products, it is a wonder why pork ribs aren’t typically featured on restaurant menus.  After all, gnawing down on spare ribs is not only a fun and active way of eating but ribs themselves are delicious and juicy when done right.  Wonder no more, though – Restaurant Silberberg rolls out a new dish today featuring slabs of pork ribs served with enjoyable kraut salad and fragrant garlic bread.

Four slabs of seasoned pork ribs, cooked to perfection, pile high on the clean white plate.  Chopped chives garnish the meat.  The ribs are trimmed of most of its meat on the surface – between the bones is where the action can be found.  These ribs are laced with fat underneath the bones, which renders during the cooking process and does magic to the meat.


Though they aren’t fall-off-the-bone quality ribs, the combination of pork meat and fat forms an excitingly juicy party in your mouth.  The succulent meat has some bite to it, while the heart-stopping fat portion provides incredible flavor and keeps the ribs moist.  These ribs are pure gold.  They are finger licking good – you’ll be licking underneath your nails once you are finished with these bad boys.   In fact, these ribs are absolutely dreamy – the flavors are so memorable and you’ll be dreaming of them in your sleep for days on end.  The way the ribs are prepared is rather typical, but the flavors are there.  It reminds me of eating ribs in America on the 4th of July.

Rich and thick ranch-like sauce with chopped chives accompanies the ribs, offering an entirely different flavor option.  The ribs are delicious by themselves, but this sauce elevates them tenfold.  The sauces’ creaminess is simply heaven.

Kraut salad contains delightful bits of bacon and cumin seeds.  It offers a pleasant crunch as well as slight acidity that tones down and counteracts the saltiness from the rib seasoning.  Two pieces of garlic bread also arrives on a separate plate.  A generous amount of butter is spread over the surface; garlic is then rubbed on and chopped chives add a finishing touch.   Though the bread is a tad hard, the aromatic garlic massaged onto the bread makes up for the deficiency in texture.

Simply put, this meal is an inevitable food orgasm waiting to happen.   The ribs, combined with the bacon-infused cabbage and toasty garlic bread, form a complete meal that hits the mark.  It’s hard to find anything to criticize about this dish – portions are colossal as the mountains overlooking the restaurant on either side and, at only 11.50 euros, this meal is an absolute bargain.  Flavor wise, the ribs are lip-smacking good and the sides are superb.  Hands down, it’s the best meal I’ve had in 2013 thus far!


Overall: 10/10

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