Pasta Masianco – Bandnudeln mit Schinken-Gorgonzolasauce


Villa Masianco.  A-6130 Schwaz · Münchner Straße 20-22

Freshly cooked tagliatelle pasta, cooked to an ideal al dente, gleans under the cozy dining room’s artificial interior light.  Heavenly white gorgonzola sauce coats the noodles, while thin strips of hearty ham scatter the pasta.  A garnish of roughly chopped parsley finishes the dish.  Need a bit of extra cheese?  Finely grated parmigiano comes in a small bowl accompanying the noodles upon request.  It’s the namesake pasta dish at Villa Masianco – Pasta Masianco!

The egg-rich pasta possesses a nice texture that makes it easy to twirl around your fork and enjoy.  In addition the strips of ham are only slightly thinner than the noodles, making it simple to include some pork with each bite.  The ham offers a salty and smoky component as well as a contrast in depth and texture to the pasta.

Gorgonzola sauce is easily the crown jewel of the dish.  The impressive cheese sauce binds all the elements on the plate together.  Though deceptively simple, its flavors are complex and bold, rich and creamy.  Full of taste, the sexy sauce has a velvety smoothness that simply screams amazing.  Pairing it with the long ribbon noodles makes for an unbeatable team – the pasta’s wide and flat surface area and starchiness allow for many opportunities for the thick sauce to cling to, resulting in maximum flavor that is enough to get anyone excited.  Lastly, adding the Parmesan into the fold creates a thunder and lightning duo of cheeses that just elevates the dish to the top.


Although it isn’t gaudy or overly flashy, the pasta Masianco dish is presented cleanly, prepared finely and a pleasure to consume.  There’s a good balance between pasta and sauce, as well as meat.  At 8.50 euros, the dish is also reasonably priced.  Not surprisingly, Villa Masianco’s namesake pasta dish proudly stands tall and is certainly one that shouldn’t be underestimated.  Italian pasta done right!  Buon appetito!


Overall: 9/10

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