Dish of the Day 1: Burgundy Roast Beef with Potato Croquettes, Red Kraut, and mixed Salad – Tagesgericht 1: “Burgunderbraten” mit Kroketten, Rotkraut, gem. Salat

Gasthof Goldener Löwe.  A-6130 Schwaz · Husslstraße 4

Two heavy slabs of mouthwatering beef roast rest comfortably in the center of the dish.  A thick and fragrant Burgundy gravy coats the surface and permeates the plate.  Six tempting little potato croquettes line one side, bathing joyously in the sauce; a generous pile of braised red cabbage occupies the other end.  This beef Burgundy dish is Gasthof Goldener Löwe’s special dish of the day on the first of December!

Appearance wise, it looks sort of like a classic German sauerbraten.  But obviously the dish is far from sour.  Roasting seals in the juices, leading to a mouthwatering slab of beef.  Each slice is extremely tender and simply melts-in-your-mouth.    Moreover, the Burgundy wine sauce enriches and emboldens up the roast, imparting incredible flavor.  The refined sauce contains the right amount of seasoning that complements the meat nicely.


The side components perform just as well as the deep, bold flavors of the beef and gravy.  Potato croquettes explode with its unique texture – the inner mashed potatoes are velvety and soft while the exterior compact with crunchy breadcrumbs.  The result is an irresistible side item that combines the goodness of mashed potatoes with the bang produced by deep-frying.  Hot and crisp, these cute little spuds are perfect for any winter meal.

Contributing an entirely different flavor profile is the braised red cabbage.  This pleasingly aromatic and visually gorgeous side offers just the right hint of stickiness, sweetness and sourness to go with the meat.   Like the potatoes, it’s a suitable cold-weather accompaniment.


It’s a real shame that this beef Burgundy dish is only available on special occasions – the meal is absolutely fantastic!  Its flavor is perfect for the coming winter – tender beef, tasty red wine gravy, adorable potato croquettes, and sweet braised red cabbage come together to form a complete dish.   At 11.00 euros, the entire meal is also a bargain considering the time and effort required to prepare such a feast and the addition of the refreshing salad as a starter.


Overall: 8/10

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