Dish of the Day 2: Alpine Schnitzel Baked with Bacon, Onions and Cheese with Fries (Parsley Potatoes) and Mixed Salad – Tagesgericht 2: Almschnitzel mit Speck, Zwiebel und Käse überbacken dazu Pommes Frites (Petersilienkartoffeln) und gem. Salat


Gasthof Goldener Löwe.  A-6130 Schwaz · Husslstraße 4

At first glance, the dish of the day might look like fried eggs covered in white sauce, with mushrooms and onions scattered about, and potatoes on the side.  The bubbly corners sort of create this illusion.  But upon closer inspection, a super thin meat fillet lies underneath the pile and playfully pokes out.  Instead of a light breakfast, it’s the Alpine pork schnitzel meal of the day!  The white cream layering the top happens to be melted cheese, the crispy edges are oven-baked traces of cheese, and the apparent mushrooms sliced bacon.

The meaty bacon and caramelized onions transforms an otherwise simple piece of schnitzel to a marvelous, delicious dish.  With its bold, badass, salty and fatty goodness, the bacon elevates the schnitzel tremendously.  Onions, imparting their characteristic sweetness and sizzle, pair finely with the pork.  Binding everything together is the melted white cheese.  The rich gooeyness is just wonderful.  While the center is thick portion, the cheesy edges are gloriously crunchy which goes hand-in-hand with the similarly delightful crisp edges of the schnitzel.


Though the dish is listed with fries, parsley potatoes work just as well.  Its soft, fork tender consistency and buttery flavor pairs nicely with the cheese topped schnitzel.  Chopped parsley strewn over the surface provide a nice earthy, herbal finish.

All the elements are cohesive in the dish.  One shortcoming, though, is the incredibly slim meat portion.  The pork is hammered paper-thin that fails to fully satisfy an empty stomach.  Potatoes aid in this regard, but the size of meat is simply disheartening.   Additionally, the bacon could be even better if it were crispier.


Overall, 9.90 euros is just okay.  The mixed salad sets diners up with a great, clean starter to the dish of the day.  The flavors of the bacon, onions, cheese, and pork schnitzel all combine to form a compelling and mouthwatering meal.  If only there was more…


Overall: 7/10

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