Viennese Schnitzel, made from Pork Loin, with Parsley Potatoes and Cranberries – Wiener Schnitzel von der Schweinelende mit Petersilkartoffeln und Preiselbeeren


Gasthof Einhorn Schaller.  A-6130 Schwaz · Innsbruckerstraße 31

Hours: Daily 11:30 – 14:00 & 18:00 – 21:00

If you are ever undecided on what to order in an Austrian (or German) restaurant, Schnitzel is always a safe dish.   The complete pork loin schnitzel meal is simple, straightforward, hearty, and delicious.

A thick piece of boneless pork loin has been sliced in half, breaded and fried.  Garnished on top are intricately carved lemon slices, a couple parsley leaves, and a whole cherry tomato. Accompanying the meat are a handful of potato quarters and a miniature bowl of cranberry sauce.  The end result is a complete, traditional Tyrolean pork schnitzel meal.


The pork has been tenderized quite well and there is just the ideal amount of breadcrumb coating covering the meat.  The lemon adds nice citrus tang to cut through some of the saltiness and heaviness of the battered pork.  As a side item, the potatoes complement the meat well as they provide more sustenance than flavor.  They are wonderfully cooked – not too soft and not too hard.  These potatoes have been boiled with their skins on, peeled after cooking, and tossed in melted butter to give it a nice gleam and subtle buttery flavor.  The spuds are topped with chopped parsley, which offer a fresh, herbal quality.  Lastly, the cranberry sauce supplies a nice sweet element to the dish.  It plays well together with the pork schnitzel.

Price wise, 9.20 euros is not too bad.   The only discouraging aspect is the fact that the coating isn’t firmly attached to the pork loin, leading to a crumbly mess and a bare naked piece of meat.  Since the breadcrumb coating contains most of the seasonings, this leads to an unpleasant flavor imbalance.


Overall:  7.5/10

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