Tourism School Showcase – 05 March 2013

Salad Buffet · Steamed Roast Beef in a Red Wine Sauce with Creamy Polenta / Potato Gnocchi with Spinach · Rice Mousse with Cherries

Salat vom Buffet · Gedünsteter Rinderbraten in Rotweinsauce mit Rahmpolenta / Kartoffelgnocchi  mit Blattspinat · Duftreismousse mit Kirschen


Another edition of the incredibly popular salad buffet welcomes students and staff today.  The huge selection, replete with fresh produce and sides, continues to impress.  At the start, a choice of greens – iceberg lettuce along with leafy red and green lettuce – provides an earthy and nutritious foundation.  Next are vibrant vegetables to mix and match – shredded orange and yellow carrots, thinly sliced cucumber, paper-thin white radish, sweet kernel corn and grilled vegetables like bell peppers and zucchini in balsamic.

Moving on, there’s an assortment of cold items including cold penne pasta slathered in a creamy sauce and tossed with sliced ham, traditional potato salad dosed with a vinegary kick, chunky and meaty tuna and a basket full of farmer-style rye bread.  After all that, two salad dressings await at the end of the line.  Altogether, the huge range of veggies and cold food appetizers is a meal in itself – enough to satiate your appetite well before the main course arrives to the table!


But the meat course is a splendid dish well worth saving room for – sliced roast beef in a red wine sauce and served with creamy polenta.  The beef cuts through with ease and doesn’t require much chewing.  Red wine sauce enriches the dish by providing the ideal amount of moisture to pair with the meat and adding sophistication and elegance.  The wine takes center stage here as it is quite noticeable – the tang of the alcohol balances out the savory aspect in the dish.  If it’s too aggressive for your tastes, the smooth and creamy polenta is there to help offset the flavors.  Richly prepared and seasoned, the polenta is simply fabulous and delicious in its own right.


Airy rice mousse accompanied by bright red tart cherries and topped with chocolate shavings offers a nice finish.  The mousse is creamy and light.  Chocolate and cherries are a classic combination that works well here – the chocolate slowly melts away in your mouth and the fruit bursts with tang and tartness.  The neutral flavor of the rice mousse bridges the two distinct flavor profiles.  Overall, the various flavors work together to form a great dessert.


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