Tourism School Showcase – 06 June 2013

Garlic Cream Soup with Whole Rye Bread Cubes · Pork Roast with Sliced Bread Dumplings and Warm Kraut Salad / Vegetable Pizza with Salad · Choux pastry Swan

Knoblauchcremesuppe mit Schwarzbrotwürfel · Schweinebraten mit Serviettenknödel und warmen Speckkrautsalat/Gemüsepizza mit Salat · Brandteigschwan


Rich garlic cream soup is a superior first course starter.  The faint touch of garlic in the liquids is far from overpowering.  The soup maintains a balanced flavor and velvety consistency throughout.   Rye bread croutons are crunchy and delicious – an absolute star in the soup.  The bread’s outer edges are crispy while the center quietly absorbs the soup’s aroma.  Each bite is compact and crunchy.  The ideal accompaniment, these croutons are fabulous.  Finally, the chopped chives add extra sophistication, a hint of green and some earthy undertones to the soup.  Garlic cream soup with rye bread croutons – an utter delight!


The vegetarian option for the day has Italian influences – a rectangular slice of vegetable pizza served with a small side salad.  The basic foundation for a pizza is there – a relatively thick crust with tomato sauce and cheese.  Then comes the toppings.  An assortment of vegetables sits atop the crust – red onions, zucchini, tomato slices – with a hint of oregano scattered over the surface.  Corn kernels on the pizza really shine here since they offer the most enjoyable spurts of sweetness.

Lettuce forms the base for the side salad, holding corn kernels in a makeshift cone.  A couple tomato slices decorate the bottom while shredded carrots sit to one side.  The side salad explodes with sweetness from both the yellow and orange veggies.  Creamy yogurt salad dressing binds everything together.


After a rugged and substantial main course, dessert is a touch of eloquence and delicateness.  A Swan shaped choux pastry, elaborately formed and stuffed with cream in the center, comes served on a clean white plate; fleshy rhubarb stalks are stewed in a light strawberry sauce encompassing the gorgeous centerpiece.  Powdered sugar coats the surface, adding a dash of extra sweetness.  Slightly tart and partially sweet, the soft, yielding rhubarb pieces add an added dimension to contrast the gentle pastry.  Excellently conceived, the Brandteigschwan is a lovely dessert that surely brings a smile to your face!


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