Tourism School Showcase – 07 May 2013

Celery Cream Soup · Roasted Chicken with Long Grain Rice / Vegetable Quiche with Sour Cream · Cheese and Fruit Buffet

Selleriecremesuppe · Brathuhn mit Langkornreis / Gemüsequiche mit Sauerrahm · Käse- und Früchtebuffet


Beautifully aromatic celery cream soup commences the three course meal.  The soup comes served with a couple of bread cubes that float to the surface – white bread along with delicious pumpkin seed bread cubes.  The soup itself is rather thick and the celery aroma is apparent with each and every spoonful.  While enjoying the warm soup the bread pieces slowly soak up the liquids, eventually expanding and softening up like a sponge.   Pumpkin seeds in the bread add a remarkable dimension to the crafty celery soup.


The main course is either a roasted chicken dish with rice or a vegetable quiche.  The vegetarian option is quite appealing and comes loaded with veggies – shredded carrots, diced zucchini, thinly sliced white and green onions, chopped asparagus and lots of yellow corn on the surface.  A small amount of cheese on the surface finishes the baked dish.    This savory pie has an incredible browned crust that pleasantly crumbles apart.

While the egg and milk mixture is delicate and fluffy, it is the mixture of vegetables that really impress.  The corn kernels really stand out and burst with natural sweetness with each bite.  The in-season asparagus, cut into small bite-sized pieces, is soft.  Served with a creamy sour cream dressing, the vegetable quiche is a flavorful delight.


For dessert, there is another fruit and cheese buffet.  Two types of bread – white and rye with pumpkin seeds – sit in a basket next to an assortment of lip-smacking mustards that are ideal as dips: curry mustard, fig mustard and honey mustard.  Afterwards, there are a variety of cheeses including Tilsiter, Emmentaler, Bergkäse mountain cheese, Brie, Ziegenkäse goat’s milk cheese and the infamous Graukäse grey cheese that await down the buffet line.  Dried fruits and nuts such as apricots, raisins, pumpkin seeds and walnuts and fresh fruits like sliced kiwis, apples, honeydew melons, pineapples, grapes and strawberries end the fruit and cheese buffet for the day.  Again, the highlight here is the gourmet mustard sauces that simply make the fruits taste so much better!


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