Tourism School Showcase – 09 April 2013

Salad and Appetizer Buffet · Fried Fish Fillet with Potato Salad and Tartar Sauce · Mocha Éclair

Salat und Vorspeisenbuffet · Gebackenes Fischfilet mit Kartoffelsalat und Sauce Tartare · Mocca Eclair 


The lunch salad and appetizer buffet just keeps getting better and better!  As usual, the buffet line begins with leaf vegetables – iceberg, red leaf lettuce, arugula, and lamb’s lettuce – to establish a foundation.  After that, there are bowls full of kernel corn, tomato wedges, sliced cucumbers, shredded carrots, and kraut – all colorful, nutritious vegetables to build up the salad.

Things become more interesting further down the line.  Platters full of roasted bell peppers and zucchini, tossed in balsamic, as well as thinly sliced mozzarella cheese with tomatoes and basil provide incredible bursts of flavor.  There are also bowls full of chunky tuna and Fleckerl pasta with tiny ham slices.  Today’s unique addition happens to be beef Carpaccio, paper thin slices of raw beef.  It is an amazingly wonderful appetizer and a great choice to add to the salad bowl.  This edition of the salad and appetizer buffet may be the best yet!


Main course continues on the healthy trend and is even more delicious than the starter.  Fried sea bass, served with a hearty portion of potato salad and a large dollop of tartar sauce, comes on a large plate covered with a serving lid.  Upon service the lid is taken off, uncovering the aromatic, crisp fish fillet.  The white-fleshed fish is delicate and cooked perfectly.

Acidity is certainly not lacking in the dish – the potato salad as well as a lemon slice on the fish is there to cut down on the grease and aid in digestion.  The potato salad consists of chunky, firm potatoes, chopped red onions and a pinch of parsley.  The potatoes’ firmness, along with the crunchy raw red onions, offers an excellent contrast in texture on the plate.  Tartar sauce, with its smooth creaminess and earthy herbal aroma, adds excitement and takes the fish to another level.


Finally, there is a mocha éclair dessert to satisfy the sweet tooth.  The elongated pastry is nice and crisp on the outside and hollow and airy on the inside.  Chocolate coats the surface while a mocha custard fills the center.   The mocha éclair sits on a concentrated raspberry sauce, which delivers a summery sourness and a slight hint of sweetness.   The copious mocha custard overflowing inside dominates the dish as it should; the pastry resigns to the background to merely provide a light, elegant consistency.  It is an enjoyable dessert; albeit a bit substantial considering the first two courses.


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