Tourism School Showcase – 12 March 2013

Beef Broth with Dumplings · Country Style Pork Chop with Diced Potatoes / Grilled Zander on Spinach with Couscous · Milk-Cream Strudel

Rindsuppe mit Nockerl · Bauernkotelette mit Würfelkartoffel / Gegrilltes Zanderfilet auf Blattspinat mit Couscous · Milchrahmstrudel

Hearty and hefty is the theme of the day.


First up is a clear beef broth that provides a delicious and comforting respite from the freezing chilly wind outside.  The soup has a rich, profound flavor.  Positioned at the bottom are small, shapeless dumplings – Nockerl in German.  These little doughy additions give the soup substance and textural contrast.  Tasteless on their own, they slowly soak up the beef essence and essentially give the soup body and depth.  All in all, the starter finely sets the tone for the rest of the meal.

The meat course continues to provide sustenance in abundance – it’s a thick, country-style pork chop topped with a light gravy containing mushrooms, onions and bacon and served with diced potatoes.  Cooked finely, the pork is incredibly juicy and succulent.  The small sections of fat attached to the meat burst with flavor.  The pork is seasoned well and tastes great on its own; however the light gravy covering the meat’s surface adds more savory saltiness along with a rustic feel.  Quartered mushrooms, finely chopped onions, and diced bacon combine with the pork chop and gravy to create the countryside flavors.


Diced potatoes are the perfect accompaniment for this farmer themed dish.  The potatoes are soft on the inside, but possess a nice coating on the exterior.  Delicately seasoned, the spuds go along well with the meat and gravy.


The meal concludes with a Viennese classic – oven-baked milk-cream strudel.  A combination of ingredients, including milk and fine curd cheese, make up the soft and fragile filling.  This creamy filling has a unique textural composition – the small curds are clearly discernible.  Taste-wise, there is nothing bold that stands out.  The pastry is rather restrained and has a predominantly milky flavor.  The numerous layers that make up the strudel are paper-thin.  Accompanying the strudel is a warm vanilla sauce, which provides a welcomed sweetness to the otherwise dairy-heavy dish.  Overall, the milk-cream strudel is a pleasant finish to the three course meal.


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