Tourism School Showcase – 19 February 2013

Vegetable Cream Soup with Croutons · Glazed Roast Veal in Rosemary Jus with Rice and Peas / Vegetarian Pizza Slice with Salad · Choux Pastry Cream Puff

Gemüsecremesuppe mit gerösteten Weißbrotwürfel · Glacierter Kalbsbraten in Rosmarinjus mit Erbsenreis / Vegetarische Pizzaschnitte mit Salat · Brandteigkrapfen


Creamy vegetable soup is the day’s starter.  The soup cup brims with the deliciously hot liquids, croutons afloat on the surface.   The toasted bread cubes slowly puff up and soften.  The mix of vegetables in the soup, all blended together, form the inviting yellow color.  The touch of cream makes it rich and velvety.  It’s such a great starter.

Roasted veal comes served in a flavorful jus along with white rice and green peas.  The meat is cooked rather slowly and has fine texture.  It cuts rather easily, but still has a firm consistency with some bite to it.  There is a thin glaze on the surface along with a thin layer of fat that shines magnificently and gives the meat some extra oomph.  The veal tastes great alone, but is heightened tremendously by the accompanying sauce.


The jus possesses the ideal consistency for a light sauce.  Additionally, it has such a refined flavor enhanced by the rosemary leaves scattered about.  The herb imbues the jus with aroma, sophistication and robust Mediterranean flavor.  It basically lifts the juices from plain and ordinary to tremendous and fantastic.  The sauce adds elegance to complement the expensive roast, providing appetizing flavor.

Accompanying the meat and jus, rice with green peas is excellent.  The round green globes not only add wonderful nutrition, but also give a pop of sweetness to go along with the soft white rice.  The grains are cooked well.  They slowly absorb the juices that fill the plate, giving the rice terrific aroma.


As a closer, there’s a delicate and crumby cream puff served on a few streaks of blackberry sauce.  Powdered sugar gently dusts the surface.  The fluffy puff has a lovely design that adds to the impressive presentation.  The pastry itself has a light, airy and delicate consistency that is simply heaven.  This texture goes together wonderfully with the beautiful and rich cream filling piped inside – it’s like yin and yang creating a perfect harmonious balance.

The pastry cream is delightfully thick and has excellent flavor.  Luckily, there is an abundant amount in the center. The vanilla custard filling really binds all the elements on the plate together.  Finally, the fruity sauce at the base of the plate enhances the sweetness in the cream while also offering a subtle tartness.  Moreover, the blackberry’s deep color serves as a sensational contrast.


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