Tourism School Showcase – 20 March 2013

Salad and Appetizer Buffet · Grilled Turkey Steak with Basmati Rice and Herb Butter / Cheese Spätzle · Baked Semolina Pudding with Sour Cherries

Salat und Vorspeisenbuffet · Gegrilltes Putensteak mit Basmatireis und Kräuterbutter / Käsespätzle mit Salat · Grießauflauf mit Sauerkirschen


The salad and appetizer buffet is the day’s highlight.  On this occasion, there is just one type of lettuce to start with – roughly chopped iceberg lettuce.  But there are other fresh and impressive ingredients to build up the salad.  Shredded carrots, sweet kernel corn, diced tomatoes with mozzarella cubes, chunky tuna, peeled and thinly sliced cucumbers, and cubes of sheep’s milk cheese are all available.  Freshly sliced red, yellow and green bell peppers make for a colorful and naturally sweet addition.  There are roasted peppers and zucchini to electrify the first course starter.  To finish, there is a creamy dressing to top your unique salad creation.  Slices of rye bread are also on hand, lined in a basket.   Bringing a summer flair on the first day of spring, the medley of peppers really pop with sweetness and also add something special with their crispness.  Moreover, the roasted vegetables shine with its concentrated flavor.

The salad is the perfect complement to pair with the vegetarian course – classic Austrian cheese spätzle.  Gooey, stringy, and cheesy all are perfect adjectives to describe the dish.  The tiny little spätzle sparrows are coated with a good amount of creamy, cheese sauce that is not only comforting but delicious.


Crispy shoestring onions garnish the top of the noodles.  Together with the chopped chives, they not only assist in producing an eye-pleasing dish but also provide small bursts of crunchiness along with little sweet explosions.  These thin, frizzled onions complement the cheesy noodles marvelously.


Concluding the three course meal is a special treat – baked semolina desserts shaped in a mini Bundt cake form, served with sour cherries.  The sour cherries gush with tanginess and tartness, providing a sharp contrast to the slightly sweet semolina dessert.  All in all, though, the cherries and its accompanying sauce dictate in the flavor department while the baked semolina product merely provides a contrasting texture.  The baked semolina pudding possesses a nice dark outer crust that adds a bit of crunch to the mix; the interior is slightly gooey.  It’s a delicious dessert, nonetheless.


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