Tourism School Showcase – 24 April 2013

Frittaten Soup · Sliced Turkey Breast with Dijon Mustard Sauce and Vegetable Rice / Stuffed Bell Pepper · Apricot Strudel

Frittatensuppe · Tranche von der Putenbrust in Dijonsenfsauce mit Gemüsereis / Gefüllter Spitzpaprika · Marillenstrudel


At the outset today, a filling Frittaten soup comes served in a soup cup.  This rather popular type of soup consists of a rich, clear warm broth along with plain crepe-style pancakes that have been cut up into long, thin strips.  Certainly, the highlight is the Frittaten ribbons that curl up in the liquid.  They do not have much taste by themselves, since they are just lightly salted.  But these little pan-fried pieces give the starter excellent texture and substance.  They also slowly absorb the soup’s essence.  Diced chives are nice additions that provide an oniony finish.

Next on the menu is a delectable turkey breast meal – a thick slice of turkey served in a flavorful Dijon mustard sauce along with a liberal portion of vegetable rice.  Chives scatter the top as garnish.


Seasoned and cooked well, the turkey breast is fairly juicy and tender.  Slicing into the meat is a simple act.  Coated with the tasty thin sauce, the turkey is a true champion.  Diced vegetables, including zucchini and yellow and orange bell peppers, make plain long grain rice interesting.  The little sweet bursts provided by the veggies really give the side dish something special.  Moreover, the peppers and zucchini are softened up a bit to make it easier to consume with the finely cooked rice.


Culminating the three course meal is an apricot strudel.  In this dessert, presentation is impressive.  The strudel sits next to a bold, red, and sweet strawberry sauce, with strawberry chunks.  A fresh basil leaf lies on a strawberry, inserting a minty twist as well as wonderful fragrance to the dish.  Not only do the green and red colors complement each other, the flavors are superb and work together well with the strudel.  Additionally, the pastry itself is warm while the fruit slightly cold – a contrast of temperatures to add to the taste sensation.  Inside the dessert, there are not only small apricot pieces but also a variety of nuts hidden among the numerous pastry layers.   Walnuts and almonds offer satisfying crunch and dimension.  The strudel altogether is flaky and delicious.


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