Tourism School Showcase – 29 May 2013

Bacon Dumpling Soup · Fettuccine in a Tomato-Tuna Sauce with Mixed Salad · Semolina Bake with Strawberry Sauce

Speckknödelsuppe · Fettucini in Tomaten-Thunfischsauce mit gemischtem Salat · Grießauflauf mit Erdbeersauce 


First course of the day is a Speckknödelsuppe bacon dumpling soup.  The Speckknödel bacon dumpling, typical of this region, is absolutely something to rave about.  The bacon pieces spread about in the large, round bread ball bring so much to the table and imparts fantastic flavor.  Additionally, the bread component is finely packed together and the dumpling ideally formed that it is just simply a pleasure to eat.  A few chopped onions and herbs are also added into the dumpling, contributing fineness and aroma.  The piping hot soup is soothing and rich.  Under the extreme heat of the soup, the bread ball slowly breaks down and passes on some of its essence to the soup.


Main course features fettuccine pasta with a tomato tuna sauce on top.  Although the sauce is scant, the abundance of parmesan spread over the pasta makes up for it.  The tuna in the sauce gives some substance to the meal.  There is a black olive on top as well as chopped chives garnishing the dish, which offer a different flavor.  The thin fettuccine strands are cooked al dente and steaming hot, which is excellent because it heats up the cheese.  On the side is a standard salad consisting of a leaf lettuce, quartered cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, shredded carrots and corn kernels.  Yogurt dressing at the bottom engulfs the salad.


Dessert is deceptively delicious.  At first, it looks like the warm baked treat sitting in a pool of strawberry sauce is dense and heavy.  But in fact the semolina bake is soft and creamy.  The center is quite delicate and absolutely delightful.  The surrounding red sauce is restrained – it is not aggressively sweet or overpowering.  Instead, the strawberry sauce livens up the treat.  A touch of powdered sugar on top adds an excellent amount of sweetness.  All the elements come together to form a fantastic dessert.  The basil leaf is a cool finishing touch.


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