Tourism School Showcase – 30 April 2013

Pasta Salad with Homemade White Bread · Grilled Chicken Schnitzel in a Curry Fruit Sauce served with Basmati Rice / Vegetable Gnocchi with Green Salad · Cheese and Fruit Buffet

Nudelsalat mit hausgemachtem Weißbrot · Gegrilltes Hühnerschnitzel in Curryfrüchtesauce mit Basmatireis / Gemüsegnocchi mit grünem Salat · Käse- und Früchtebuffet


Cold pasta salad, served in a clear cup, comes on a plate with a slice of homemade white bread.  Here, seashell pasta gets a nice coating in a light and creamy sauce.  Hidden in the curves are also finely diced vegetables, including zucchini and peppers.  The bite-sized noodle pieces go down easy.  A slice of freshly baked white bread, with its many air gaps, is the highlight.  There is nothing better than a piece of bread that has just come out of the oven.  Its center is soft and fluffy and it has a fine aroma.  The pasta combined with the bread is a solid starter overall.

The main meat course is a grilled chicken schnitzel, served in a curry fruit sauce, with basmati rice.

A vegetarian option is also available – vegetable gnocchi with a side salad.  Each gnocchi piece is rather squishy and simple to bite into.  The adorable oval dumplings get a buttery polish that makes them slick and rich.  The vegetables, though, make the dish special.  Sliced golden zucchini along with chopped green zucchini provide sweetness and additional taste.  A generous mound of grated Parmesan tops the delicate dumplings and veggies, giving the dish an even more flavorful bite.

The meal is completed by a side salad full of roughly chopped lettuce along with julienne yellow and orange carrots, all tossed in a balsamic sauce.  These crunchy components contribute a contrasting consistency to the gnocchi.


Concluding the three course feast is a cheese and fruit buffet – a truly unique experience.  Tables are setup in the main hall with a fruit, cheese and garnish station.  On the fruit table are silver platters brimming with freshly sliced pineapples, honeydew melon, apples, kiwis and mangos.  There are also whole fruits like green grapes and strawberries.  Moving on, there is a manned station laden with a variety of cheeses to choose from.  The majority of the milk-based products are white cheeses.  Finally, there is also a garnish station with assorted dried fruits like plums and raisins.  On top of that, there are mustard delicacy sauces such as honey mustard.  These extras add a special twist to the crisp, juicy and naturally sweet fruits.  The fruit and cheese buffet is certainly a nutritious finish to the day’s meal.


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